Junior 1

Junior 1
Description: Basic Competitive Swimming (Developing competitive swimming skills)
Age: 5-10

- 8 lengths(200 yards), continuous, of Freestyle with bilateral side breathing
- 4 lengths(100 yards), continuous, of Backstroke swimming
- 4 lengths(100 yards), continuous, of Butterfly kick with a board
- Streamline off wall under water for 10 yards

Group Goals and Requirements:
- Enjoy swimming and demonstrate sportsmanship and teamwork
- Learn basic fundamental technical aspects of all four strokes
- Swim a 200 I.M. with proper technique/turns
- Perform basic starts and turns (racing starts, flip turns, open turns)


Athletes: Treat others with respect and care. Always arrive 5 min. earlier than the practice or meet
start time. Be open to try new swimming techniques and drills. Be willing to learn to
compete. Demonstrate a positive attitude. Participate in practice on a regular basis.

Parents: Participation in Hills events and activities is required. All fees must be paid in a timely
manner. Parents should treat other parents and coaches with respect and are encouraged to
assist new parents in volunteer tasks. Volunteering in Meet Timing/Meet Officiating/Meet
hosting is required.