Senior 1

Senior 1

Description: Competitive Training
Age: 12 +

- 10 x 50 Free @ :50
- 3,000 For Time without stopping
- 8 x 100s IM @ 1:50
- 500 Free negative split 7:00boys/7:30girls
- At least ONE 11-12 “BB” time.

Group Goals and Requirements:
- Be a positive role model within the Hills team
- Minimum of FOUR practices a week is required
- Attend all competitions recommended by the coach
- Wear appropriate attire from direction of the coach, including team gear and swim suits.
- Conduct themselves with honor and selflessness at all competitions and practices.
- Be active in fundraising and volunteering time to assist swim lessons or Junior Group practice.
- Must live lifestyle appropriate for achieving greatest personal success
- Understanding Nutritional Management
- No drugs, tobacco products, alcohol consumption
- Display ability to communicate with the coach
- Not rely on parents to communicate for them
- Willingness and positive attitude to perform at every event prescribed by the coach


Athletes: Treat others with respect and care. Always arrive 5 min. earlier than the practice or meet
start time. Frequent tardiness is not accepted. Swimmers should consider swimming as
their primary extracurricular activity. Demonstrate a positive attitude and solid effort at all
times. Bring appropriate equipment and attire (water bottles at practice are required).

Parents: Participation in Hills events and activities is required. All fees must be paid in a timely
manner. Parents should treat other parents and coaches with respect and are encouraged to
assist new parents in volunteer tasks. Volunteering in Meet Timing/Meet Officiating/Meet
hosting is required.