Swim Meet Prep

Below is helpful information to help guide you through a swim meet.  You will learn how to register, what to bring, what to expect, and where to find results.

Basic Registration Information
For all meet registration: Do it online. Some meets require a swim meet entry form. They should be turned in completed, including events and times. Any incomplete forms will be turned in and swimmer may be penalized.

         LSC Organization: PC              Club CODE: HILL           Club Name: Hills Hurricane Swimming

Registration Number
Each swimmer has a 14 digit personal USAS number. In this order: swimmers 6 digit birth date, 3 first letters of swimmers first name, middle initial and 4 first letters of swimmers last name.

How to register for the meet
Generally the meets will be online registration through swimconnection or fastswims website.  Sometimes the meets may be in other forms and some may require coach entered.  The best thing to do is set up a free account on the website above and you can be notified immediately when meets GO LIVE for registration.  When a swimmer has no time for an event enter in this protocol: 25 yards 50.00, 50 yards 1:00.00, 100 yards 2:00.00 and so on. Generally meets have entry times in three categories SCY(short course yards) SCM(short course meters) LCM(long course meters).  Select the correct category and enter a time or best time.  Some meets allow NT or (no time).

What to bring to the meet
1. You should bring at least 2 swim suits. TEAM SUIT/CAP REQUIRED.
2. 2 new pairs of goggles or meet goggles.
3. At least 2 Towels.
4. 2 changes of clothes; one for putting over wet suits and one dry set.
5. A sleeping bag or blanket.
6. Fold up chairs to sit in.
7. Cooler for snacks, such as Gatorade, water, fruit, bagels. There most likely is a snack bar and
possibly a grill. But don’t rely on the venue to keep nourished.
8. Books, cards, homework. There is a lot of time between events, so be prepared to have
something to do.
9. Most important thing…………………………COACHES RULE…………………
They keep the feet warm and safe.AT THE SWIM MEET

1.The first thing each swimmer must do is CHECK-IN at the CHECK-IN table, usually near the entrance to the facility.  If you fail to check-in you will not be able to swim.  It is a good idea to use a permanent marker and write each event # on the swimmers hand for they day of the swim meet. They will call out the event #’s throughout the day.  If you are running late remember that the close of check-in for all events shall be no more than 30 minutes before the estimated time of the start of the first heat of the event.
2. GO FIND YOUR COACH. As soon as the swimmer has finished checking in, they must report to the swim coach. Let them know that you (swimmer) are at the meet and ready to swim.
3. Swimmers must then be ready to WARM-UP. Meet Warm-up is different from practice warm-up, do the appropriate warm up for the group you are in. You must follow all the rules of warm-up, there can be up to 25 kids in one lane.

Remember to: enter the water with a 3 point entry (no jumping or diving) and circle swim.
Dive’s/Pace can only be done with the presence of your swim coach only. They usually allow 30min. of dive practice towards the end of the warm-up period. Swimmers can only swim in one direction in the dive lane.

Seeding Events
Meets are seeded (put together) at the pool, meaning as the swimmers check in and the event is closed, the events will be seeded by entry times so swimmers will swim with other swimmers of similar times.

Swim Meet Rules for Hills Swimmers
1. When the announcer says that the event is now posted, the swimmer must go to the designated area to receive the lane assignment for the event. Swimmers should also check even if the event is not announced. Events are seeded as follows:

Heat and Lane: The heat is a group of swimmers in one event. There is only enough space for 6-9 swimmers to swim in each heat. The Lane is the designated place for the swimmer to show up and swim.

2. The swimmer must first report their heat and lane assignment to the coach. This is the time when the swimmer can ask any questions about the race and for the coach to give some advice.

3. The swimmer should be ready to swim before their event begins. So if you are event #2, heat 1, lane 5, you need to be ready behind the timers during event #1. This means, cap/goggles/suit on and ready to go. The starter will not wait for you to adjust yourself, make sure that everything is taken care of in advance.

4. After the race, the swimmer must do a cool down in the cool down area. Cool down rules are as follows:
Race           Cool down
25yrds         100 yrds
50yrds         200 yrds
100yrds       200 yrds
200-500yrds 250 yrds

5. GO back to your coach. It is important to discuss each race with your coach in order to talk about the good the bad and anything else.

***if you miss your race***

Penalty for Failure to Compete: If you miss your event (miss the race/do not show up to the blocks) you will not be penalized unless the meet is a trial and finals or high ranking meet.  If there are any remaining heats left in the event you may be able to swim again if there is a spot open and after you see the starter (official at the starting blocks area).  If there are any penalties, it will generally say in the meet sheet what the penalties are if any.

Parent Obligation
Depending on the nature of the meet, a parent may need to volunteer to time for a given amount of time, usually 1 – 2 hours. If our team hosts a meet, all parents are required to volunteer to run the meet, which may be up to 16hours for each family. Please be prepared to help us run a smooth meet. Each team will be required to bring a certain number of officials per swimmers. Parents interested in becoming an official can contact Coach Shad.

Meet Results
All results are posted at the pool area shortly after the event has been swum. Usually the events are split between boys and girls. Remember, all girls events are ODD and boys events are EVEN. The results will be categorized in each division C, B, A. Any swimmer achieving an “A” time in their age group, will receive a special award.  

You must pick up any awards you might have received at the meet. They will not be sent to you and coach will not pick them up.

All results will be posted on-line at the web sites below. All swimmers BEST TIMES are kept there. or

Basic Racing Rules
All meets are officiated with stroke mechanic rules. A swimmer can be disqualified if they make a mistake during swimming. Here are a few things that they will watch for.

DIVE/START Listen to the starter, he will tell you what to do. One whistle means it is clear to step up on the diving block. Steady yourself upright and come down and hold on his mark. The starter will not wait for you so BE READY.
***Make sure you know your race before you start to swim.
***Doing the wrong stroke is cause for disqualification.

*Must do a 2 hand touch on all walls.
*Can not flutter(alternate) the kick.
*Shoulders must rise above the waterline.
*Arms must recover over the water.

*Must stay on your back all the way to the wall. Only exception is when doing a back -> back flip turn. You must finish the race on your back into the wall.
*You can only take one freestyle stroke into the flip turn. The turn can not be slow, it has to continue in one motion.

*2 hand touch on every wall.
*Hands can not pull down past your waistline.
*Underwater pull- allowed one full arm pull down, and reach up with one kick.

*Must stay in motion without hesitation and not change stroke.

*Make sure to know the turns into the next stroke. DO NOT flip on your stomach from Back to Breast.