Our Philosophy

Humboldt Swim Club (HSC) is a year-round swim club for swimmers from 6 years of age and up. We swim at both the Arcata Community Pool and the Humboldt State University pool.


Our goal is to provide an environment where members may attain their personal goals in the sport of swimming and engage in competition as desired. There are different levels of competition so that all swimmers will feel both confident and challenged. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, with a low risk of injury, and life-long benefits. The sport of competitive swimming builds positive self-esteem and self-discipline.



The mission of Humboldt Swim Club is to provide the youth of our community with a USA Swimming* club and to promote the sport of swimming in our area. Team members are given the opportunity to pursue their goals in the sport of swimming to whatever level they aspire, and are capable of achieving. Swimmers are supported and valued whatever their level from novice to national.


Beyond mastering skills and achieving physical fitness, our swimmers will gain confidence, sportsmanship, discipline, commitment and an understanding that success results from hard work and goal setting. They will learn the value of being part of a team. Our aim is to make swimming an important and enjoyable part of our members' lives. Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in many aspects of the team.