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 Dear LAC Families,


Welcome to the 2016-2017 Livermore Aquacowboys swim season. On behalf of the board of directors and coaching staff, we are pleased you have chosen LAC as your swim team.


Please complete the attached membership agreement packet.  Once we receive your information we will upload it into our team’s membership management system.  Included in the packet is: LAC’s registration information form, schedule of yearly/monthly swim dues, fundraiser/volunteer program requirements, parent guidelines and expectations, internet use and photo release form, liability release, and our team’s code of conduct.


In order to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned swim meets throughout the season, you will need to register your swimmer(s) with USA Swimming.  To complete registration, please go to and follow the instructions under the ‘Documents’ tab and then the ‘Forms’ link.  You will then select the link for ‘Registration and Membership’ where you will need to select registration for Year Round Athlete or Fall Athlete.  You will need to download and print the correct form, complete the form and mail the form and payment to the address on the form (Pacific Swimming). Please keep in mind, this must be done every year.


After your registration has been processed with LAC, you will receive an email notice containing a username and password to access our team’s website at   We provide this website as a resource center and primary basis of communication between you and our staff.  There you will find LAC’s calendar of events, swim meet and team function schedules and sign-ups, team roster, as well as general USA Swimming information.  You will receive regular email updates about team events, swim meets, practice schedules, family events, and general updates about our swim program. Please ensure that you keep a current email address in your online member profile.


You may return your completed membership agreement to LVTC / LAC’s Aquatics Director, Cassidy Trott.   Please ensure that all pages are completed, signed and attached before submitting your application (Application and Agreement, Code of Conduct, LAC Parent Guidelines and Expectations, Internet Use and Photo Release, and Membership Agreement-Liability Release).


We look forward to a great season and welcome to the Aquacowboys family!  If you have any questions, please contact LVTC’s Aquatic Director, Cassidy Trott, at




LAC Board






FAMILY NAME:  ______________________________________________________________ 

                                    Last                                          Parent/Guardian(s)


ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________




            City                  State                Zip                                E-mail Address


PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________________

                        Home                                        Work                             Mobile(s)




NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

                        First                                          Middle                           Last


BIRTHDAY: ___/___/____ AGE: ____ USA SWIMMING REG #: _________NEW OR RETURNING: _________


Swimmer Team Assignment: ______________ Date Joined Team: ________________ (for office use only)




NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

                        First                                          Middle                           Last


BIRTHDAY: ___/___/____ AGE: ____ USA SWIMMING REG #: _________NEW OR RETURNING: _________


Swimmer Team Assignment: ______________ Date Joined Team: ________________ (for office use only)




NAME: _____________________________________________________________________________

                        First                                          Middle                           Last


BIRTHDAY: ___/___/____ AGE: ____ USA SWIMMING REG #: _________NEW OR RETURNING: _________


Swimmer Team Assignment: ______________ Date Joined Team: ________________ (for office use only)


                                                                  mMembership Dues Agreement

Effective September 1, 2016


LAC membership is for the twelve-month period beginning September 1st and ending August 31st. Annual dues are divided into eleven equal installments and paid September 1st through July 31st. Monthly payment of dues shall be payable on the first day of each month. Dues may be prepaid at any time. If a swimmer discontinues participation with LAC, notification must be made in writing to LAC/LVTC Aquatics Director, Cassidy Trott, by the 15th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month. If notices are received after the 15th of the month, the swimmer/family will be responsible for the following month’s dues (E-mail notification will constitute written notice). If the swimmer rejoins LAC prior to September 1st of the current swim season, the swimmer/family will pay a renewal fee equivalent to two months dues.


Monthly Fee Schedule












 (25% OFF)





Novice 1




Novice 2




Junior 1




Junior 2












Junior Varsity









**Designation of which swimmer in the family is first, second, third and so forth is based on the level of the swimmer. The swimming level with the MOST amount of scheduled practice time would be considered the “first swimmer,” the next highest amount of practice time would be second swimmer and so on.  Other factors do NOT impact this policy, including but not limited to: time on the team or age of swimmers.

*Sibling price is discounted from non-member price, even if swimmer(s) are LVTC members.

Any balances of monthly dues not received by the 10th of the month will be subject to a $10 late charge. If swimmer/family fail to pay any delinquent dues or assessment, including late fees, within 14 days from the date of written notice of delinquency, the swimmer shall be suspended from further participation in all LAC activities, including, but not limited to, practices and meets.

The assignment of the Swimmer(s) to a practice team shall be the decision of the coaching staff. An assignment may be modified during the swim year if the coaching staff believes a different practice team would be more appropriate for the Swimmer.

Fundraising Responsibilities Agreement

Effective September 1, 2016


Every LAC family is obligated to bring in fundraising money.  This is in addition to swim dues and other family obligations such as timing and volunteering. Fundraising money is used for facility rental fees, team expenses and is a budgeted source of income. Fundraising may be accomplished by (1) earning fundraising dollars, (2) paying out-of-pocket, or (3) a combination of methods. By participating in fundraising opportunities, families are able to meet their financial obligation without out-of-pocket expenses. Fundraising is assessed and collected twice a year and may be recognized as a tax deduction. Fundraising opportunities will be posted on the team website,, and communicated via email.


Quarterly Fundraising

Obligation Amount

Obligation Amount

Out-of-Water and

$20 Late Fee

Payment Date



Multiple Swimmers



February 1



March 1

June 1



June 30








Any fundraising dollars that exceed your first period obligation is/are carried forward, and applied to the second period fundraising obligation balance.  If you have not met your total fundraising obligation through fundraising opportunities by the end of the second period (February 1st, 2017 – June 1st, 2017), the balance due is owed out-of-pocket by June 30th, 2017. Any fundraising dollars that exceed your second period fundraising obligation will be considered as a donation to LAC’s 2016-2017 season, and will not be applied to future LAC swim season(s).


All fundraising responsibilities and volunteer obligation fees will be proceed through Team Unify via a credit/debit charge.

2016-2017 Volunteer Obligations and Penalties

Volunteer Requirements for September 2016 – August 2017 Swim Season:


  • Volunteer opportunities and time earned are governed and set by the Board of Directors

  • Volunteer positions and sign-up are posted to the team web site

  • LAC families are required to volunteer:

    • 8 hours per family for an LAC hosted USA-S meet (this season’s meet will be Nov. 12th/13th)

    • 1 hour per each day a member swimmer attends a swim meet.If you have multiple swimmers, you will be responsible for 2 hours per day (USA-S and CSA Meets)

    • CSA Meets (only for swimmers attending CSA Meets):

      • 2 hours per hosted meet (we will be hosting one this Fall, date to be determined)

      • 2 hours at Championships (will be held in December if your swimmer qualifies)

    • 4 hours per family for non-meet hours (set-up/clean-up at parties, lap counting at our annual Swim-a-thon, helping at team parties, helping with hot chocolate nights, etc.

  • New families joining after December 31st, 2016, volunteer hours will be pro-rated through the end of the season

  • Membership dues and fundraising contributions are reviewed annually by the Board of Directors. Based upon the forecast budget, dues and/or fundraising contributions are subject to change



  • Families who have a swimmer/s attending a swim meet and do not fulfill or provide a

    replacement for their daily swim meet obligation, will automatically be charged $30.00 to their credit card.  

  • Families who do not complete volunteer hours by June 15th will be billed a fee of $30.00 per 

    outstanding hour.  Payment is due on June 30.

  • Families who sign-up to work volunteer hours and fail to show will be charged a fee of $30.00 per hour


    Additional Timing Points:

1. Parents of ALL swimmers who attend meets must sign up for timing positions. It is to be understood that members of the board of directors both voting and non-voting are to be considered last for filling timing positions but are required to do so if needed.

2. The timing sheet will include an overflow or extras list. This section is to only be used once ALL timing slots have been filled. This list is to provide parents with opportunity to fulfill their timing obligations. Any person on this overflow/extras list must be willing to fill in when necessary.

3. Swimmers who come with another family: It will be the responsibility of the parents of all swimmers in question to cover for the parent not attending. If the parent attending will be timing for the non-attending parent it must be noted on the sign-up sheet for the non-attending parent to be recognized for meeting their timing obligation.


All parents are responsible to time at meets that their children are attending. Failure to do so will result in a $30.00 fine per day of non-compliance. It will not be the responsibility of any board member of LAC to police parents to fulfill their timing obligations. The following are some but not all of the examples of actions that will result in a fine being levied.

1. Parents that attend but do not fulfill their timing obligation.

2. Being on the overflow/extras list and refusing to time.

3. Signing up for a timing slot then not showing up.

4. Parents who send their swimmer with another parent but do not make arrangements for timing.




  • Be supportive of all swimmers; especially yours

  • Encourage your swimmer to do their best

  • Appreciate a good, great and fabulous swim

  • Help swimmer(s) get to practice on time

  • Be available for your swimmer

  • Be financially responsible; provide swimmer’s equipment, pay monthly dues, participate in fundraisers

  • Parents are required to help time or volunteer in other ways at swim meets

  • Help transport canopies to and from swim meets as well as arrive early to set up & stay late to take down the canopies

  • Volunteer during team events as chaperones, coordinators, etc.

  • Don’t coach your swimmer at practice, swim meets or home; your #1 job should be to support them

  • Find out your swimmer’s goals and self-expectations & support them, help them make decisions to reach those goals but don’t push them too far

  • Wait until after practice to speak with coaches. Do not interrupt coaches while they are on deck coaching.

  • Support coaching, don’t publicly criticize; swimmers are aware of such matters. Issues should be brought to coaches’ attention outside of practice and dealt with away from swimmers

  • Complaints should be handled within the team first and not our affiliate organizations; we may refer you to outside of the team but please be aware that you are representing our team. It is important that our relationship with LVTC is not abused

  • Find out how you can make this team continue to prosper; join the Board of Directors, join a committee, and offer services you can help with

  • Have fun & enjoy being a family member of the Livermore Aquacowboys in a wonderful swimming community



    _________________________                                            ________________________________

                            DATE                                                                          PARENT SIGNATURE




All swimmers will sign a Code of Conduct Agreement and promise to follow the Rules and Code of Conduct as outlined below to represent the Livermore Aquacowboys, Pacific Swimming and USA Swimming.

Swimmers will adhere to the following conduct and behavioral policies:

  • Respect of yourself shown through your dress and behavior

  • Respect of your peers shown through your interaction and consideration for others

  • Respect of your coaches shown through your interaction and non-confrontational conversation

  • Respect of Aquacowboys parents that may help remind you of rules and conduct you agreed to follow

  • Respect of other authority figures reminding you of appropriate behavior and conduct

  • Do not participate in illegal activities such as stealing, use, possession or distribution of illegal drugs and/or alcohol

  • Strive to be a leader and help others

  • Do not participate in any acts of hazing and physical or mental abuse towards current, future or ex-team mates for any reason

  • Do not pursue any unwanted physical contact

  • Do not participate in any unsafe activities that may cause harm to yourself or others

  • Do no participate in activities that will be detrimental to the image or reputation of Livermore Aquacowboys, Pacific Swimming and/or USA Swimming

  • Use common sense when making decisions; when in doubt don’t do it

  • Do not run on the pool deck

  • No diving unless under direct supervision of coaches

  • No use of the “adult” hot tub if under the age of 18

  • No food or drink, other than water, in the pool or hot tub

  • No hanging or sitting on lane lines

  • No inappropriate use of equipment or facility structures, i.e. no swinging on railings, no throwing kick boards, no tipping over lounge chairs

  • Be responsible and clean up after yourself in the locker room

  • No cellphone use for any reason in the locker rooms

  • Be conscientious of social media posts.When posting on social media, you should be respectful of peers and posts should adhere to this Code of Conduct
  • Swimmers return checked out towels to towel bin in lobby and do not leave swim gear on deck

    after practice

  • We agree to all the Rules and Regulations of The Club as printed in all the documents for



I understand the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct. I understand that if I fail to abide by the Swimmer’s Code of Conduct, I will receive a warning and an incident report, indicating that further disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If behavior is not corrected, the swimmer will be suspended from further participation in all LAC activities. (Moved from Membership Dues Agreement)


Swimmer #1: _______________________            ________________________________________

                                                DATE                                                      SIGNATURE


Swimmer   #2: _______________________          ________________________________________

                                                DATE                                                      SIGNATURE


Swimmer   #3: _______________________          ________________________________________

DATE                                                      SIGNATURE

LAC Team Uniform Policy

Uniform – one form, constant, unvarying, equal, steady. Teammates sacrifice a part of their personal identities for what the uniform represents and an agenda shared by all of us. It is a common goal, not a selfish one. To achieve this, each swimmer must adhere to the LAC team uniform policy as follows:

  • Each swimmer must acquire one white and one green LAC team shirt. Prior to each meet day, coaches will assign which color will be worn by the team. White will typically be worn on Saturdays, and green on Sundays.
  • Each swimmer must wear the team swim suit to any meet attended.  Female swimmers may NOT wear two-piece bathing suits to practices or meets.
  • Tech suits are able to be worn at Championship level swim meets or at the coach’s discretion.
  • At swim meets, swimmers may not wear jackets, parkas, bags, warm ups, t-shirts, shorts, sweatshirts, sweatpants or any other article of clothing that shows the name, slogan, or logo of another team (including summer league teams, high school teams, etc). At meets, swimmers must wear the LAC team cap. Jackets or sweatshirts worn during swim meets must be in the LAC colors. If a swimmer does not follow these policies, they may not be allowed to participate in that practice or swim meet. Shirts, sweatshirts, parkas and team suits are available in the LVTC Pro Shop.
  • Throughout the course of the season, swimmers may earn T-shirts (i.e. Junior Olympic, Top Five, A time, etc). These shirts ARE permitted to be worn during swim meets as long as the color assigned for that day is correct.


____________________________________________                                                 _____________________

1st Swimmer’s Signature                                                                                                                  Date


____________________________________________                                              _______________________

2nd Swimmer’s Signature                                                                                                                Date


____________________________________________                                             _______________________

3rd Swimmer’s Signature                                                                                                                 Date


_____________________________________________                                         ________________________

Parent Signature                                                                                                                              Date

Internet Use and Photo Release Form



Swimmer’s Name(s)___________________________________________


Please check the appropriate box below and sign at the bottom in order to give your consent for LAC/LVTC to use photographs/video of your swimmer on the Livermore Aquacowboy’s web page (, newspapers, other internet media (such as Livermore Patch), and/or team flyers and banners to be used only for Livermore Aquacowboys team recognition, announcements or promotions.


____I hereby grant permission for _____________________________ to appear in photographs/videotapes that may be published by the Livermore Aquacowboys in video form, hard copy publications, and/or on the website, the copyright of which will be held by the Livermore Aquacowboys Corporation.  This copyright includes any and all rights to include the work in present and in any future publications of the Livermore Aquacowboys, in any format or medium.



____ I do not grant permission for _____________________________ to appear in photographs/videotapes that may be published by the Livermore Aquacowboys. By NOT granting permission the swimmer will also be excluded from the LAC swim team group photo.





_________________________________                          ________________________________

Signature of parent/guardian                                                       Date




Signature of swimmer, if over 18

2016-2017 Membership Agreement – Liability Release




In consideration of the privilege of membership in the Livermore Aquacowboys swim program, we the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the swimmer(s) participating attest that our swimmer(s) is/are physically able to participate in the program and that our swimmer(s) does not suffer from any condition, sickness, or disease which would impair his/her ability to participate in the program or which presents any danger to the well-being of the swimmer(s) as the result of such participation.


We hereby hold the Livermore Aquacowboys (LAC) and its employees, Livermore Valley Tennis Club (LVTC) and its employees, and the LAC Board of Directors, free and harmless from any liability or damages they, or our swimmers(s) may incur as a result of our swimmer(s) participation in Team events and activities, including practice sessions, and we assume the Team’s responsibility for the same. By signing this contract we the parent(s)/guardian(s) agree to abide by the LAC by-laws, Code of Conducts, team policies and coaches policies. Also, as parent(s)/guardian(s) of the below swimmer(s) we agree to the payment of monthly swim dues to LVTC, Yearly fundraising obligations and Volunteer hours, or fees incurred, to LAC  as described in the LAC Membership Packet or as amended by the LAC Board of Directors.


Release of Liability: Parent hereby releases LAC/LVTC, its employees, officers, directors and volunteers and any facility used by LAC from any liability arising out of any injury to the Swimmer(s) which may occur while the Swimmer(s) is/are participating in the LAC swim program, including, but not limited to, practices, meets, travel trips, LAC sponsored clinics, and other team activities, or while the Swimmer(s) is/are using facilities owned, leased or used by LAC.


I have read the membership agreement and understand the following obligations: Please initial each.


_________ Monthly Dues                                               


_________ Yearly Fundraising Obligation                    


_________ Volunteer Obligations and Penalties


_________ Uniforms




Parent/Guardian Signature(s)                                                   Family name printed/ Date


Swimmer’s Name(s): (print)


1. First_________________________Last___________________________email____________________


2. First_________________________Last___________________________email____________________


3. First_________________________Last___________________________email____________________


Group/Coach Assigned: _____________________________________________________














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