Team Fees


Flat Rate: [NO HIDDEN FEES!]

The discounted prices and sibling discounts displayed below apply only for 3-month pre-pay packages using a credit card on file.

Month to Month rates are available at a slightly higher rate and do not include sibling discounts. Please contact the team for more information.

New swimmers are required to pay a one time join fee equal to one month of regular tuition. Upon receipt of the join fee, the swimmer will receive a team suit, team car magnet, and team cap.


Payment Option
Discounts / Additional Expenses
2x / Week - 
$95 1st child $80 Per additional Child

2x / Week - 

$260 1st child

$210 Per additional Child

3x / Week - 

$121 1st child $121 Per additional Child

3x / Week

$330 1st child $240 Per additional Child

* USS Registration is an additional yearly fee.

After your two weeks, no obligation trial, if you decide to continue swimming, each swimmer must register with United States Swimming. We do not receive any of this money.

**The fee is $78 per year or $58 for a 3 month seasonal registration.

 *** Thirty (30) Volunteer hours are required yearly when we host meets and any other time the board deems necessary.

*** Team Racing Suits, team cap,  and team car magnet are included with your join fee.

Approximate additional pricing:

Boys suit: $30 
Girls suit: $50

Team Cap: $7

Other clubs may advertise lower prices but then nickel and dime you with hidden fees. If you do the REAL comparison, Blue Dolphin Swimming is simply the best value for the money, and one of the lowest priced clubs around!  We offer discounted pre-paid seasonal rates as well as month to month rates to make things easier on you. 

A limited number of Full and Partial scholarships are available to anyone that makes a request and will be awarded by the board case by case.