Swim Groups

Yellow Group (pre-competitive group)

Yellow Group is our introduction to swim team, and is designed for novice swimmers.  Yellow Group focuses on basic stroke technique and introduces swimmers to all four strokes.  Body position, proper freestyle breathing, backstroke, flutter kick and breaststroke kick are emphasized. Swimmers learn how to safely dive off of the pool edge and blocks. Yellow Group practices 30 minutes up to four times a week. In order to join Yellow Group swimmers must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke across the pool, be comfortable and safe in the deep end and have some swimming experience. Minimum age is 5 years old.

Green Group

Green Group builds on Yellow Group skills, and is the beginning of our competitive program. Swimmers in Green Group may begin to compete in meets. Swimmers work on developing all four strokes, learn proper turns, transitions, and starts. Emphasis is on proper body position and stroke technique. Green Group swimmers will be developing their breaststroke and butterfly as well as refining their freestyle and backstroke. Green Group swimmers will be learning freestyle and backstroke flip turns, open turns and transition as well as forward and backstroke starts. 

Blue Group

Blue Group is really the foundation of our competitive program. Swimmers in Blue Group are preparing for competition in meets, and want to be competitive swimmers. Blue Group is preparing to move on to Bronze, Silver and Gold groups. Blue will frequently train with Bronze group, but may have different intervals or drills during practice. Blue Group is for swimmers who can swim all four strokes, but still need some basic stroke refinement. Technique and body position remains at the heart of practices, and swimmers get introduced to more conditioning. In addition to stroke work Blue Group swimmers will be working on fast and efficient flip turns, open turns (including IM transitions), breaststroke pull-outs, use of the pace clock, and freestyle distance pacing. Recommended  minimum practices per week: 3.

Bronze Group

Bronze Group builds on Blue Group skills and begins to focus more on conditioning along side technique work. Bronze Group swimmers should be swimmers who have committed to competition, and want to work hard in practice to improve their technique, speed and strength.  In order to be in Bronze Group, swimmers must be able to comfortably and consistently execute all Blue requirements. Recommended minimum pracitices per week: 4

Silver Group

Silver Group is for experienced swimmers who have solid technique in all strokes and have a wide range of meet experience. Technique refinement is still at the heart of practices, but practices also include increased conditioning. Technique and stroke refinement is focused on more advanced and subtle aspects of strokes. Swimmers also work more on race strategies and pacing. In order to be in Silver Group, swimmers must be able to consistently and comfortably complete all Bronze requirements. Recommended minimum practices per week: 4.


Gold Group

Gold Group is for our most committed and experienced swimmers. In order to be in Gold Group, swimmers must demonstrate a clear commitment to attending practice 4-5 days a week (when not competing in another sport), be able to comfortably achieve all Silver Group requirements, have achieved an BB or better time within the previous year and/or competed in JOs or other qualifying\eet with BB or better standards. Coach recommendation is required. recommended minimum practices per week 5+.

High School/Senior Group

This group is for high school aged swimmers who either want to train for the high school season or are year around swimmers. They generally train with or along-side Bronze, Silver or Gold Groups, depending on their experience and skill level, and the purpose of this group is to give high school swimmers a training group that is skill and age appropriate.