Dues & Fees

Monthly Dues

As of September 1, 2015 the monthly fee for each practice group is as follows:

  • Senior: $145.00
  • Junior: $130.00
  • Platinum: $120.00
  • Gold: $110.00
  • Silver: $95.00
  • Bronze: $85.00 
  • Minnow: $85.00 
  • *Collegiate: $270.00 

* For competitive collegiate alumni members in good standing. Must have a current USA Swimming registration card.  Permission from Senior Coach required. This catagory is for swimmers who attend college away from home and will be swimming when back in town to keep up with their swimming. (If you swim on a regular basis with the senior group, then you would pay the Senior rate.) Note: If your swimmer is assigned as a Collegiate swimmer, you do not have required Service Hours, but may be asked to assist the team at a meet if needed.


  • $50 per hour for unfulfilled Service Hours
  • $50 minimum charge for failure to show (to your job assignment at a swim meet) in addition to the unfulfilled service hourly fee
  • $25 re-registration fee after an extended break from the club (over 4 months) 

USA Swimming / Pacific Swimming Annual Fee; $73 for 2017 Swim Year

Our swim team is a member of Pacific Swimming which is our Local Swimming Committee (LSC). Pacific Swimming is the administrative division of USA Swimming, which governs the LSCs. Its registered members (registered athletes) are mandated to purchase insurance through them on an annual basis. Registered members will be covered during USA swimming sanctioned events including practice and meets. The renewal process begins annually on September 1st.

Please refer to the USA Swimming Insurance Coverage web page for more detailed information.