Our Coaches

Each one of our coaches has the following Pacific Swimming and USA Swimming requirements:

  • CPR and Safety Training for Swim Coaches
  • Criminal background check (renewed every two years)
  • Athlete Protection Training (renewed every two years)
  • Foundations of Coaching

Communication with your child’s Coach

Good customer service is the key to happy swimmers and happy parents. Although it is preferred that you talk with your coach either before or after practice, a quick question during practice is fine. We obviously want the coaching staff to focus on their swimmers during the actual practice, but we also understand that parents are very busy and sometimes a brief question needs a prompt answer. Communication between swimmer and coach, and parent and coach, is how good customer service is established. If you have a question for your coach, please don’t hesitate to communicate with  them.

Coaches, their email addresses, and their assigned groups:

Coach Tom Lebherz  –

  • Senior Group 

Coach Cassie Tran -

  • Minnow
  • Silver
  • Platinum