Mako Try Outs

Try-Out Information and Minimum Swim Requirements

We are Morgan Hill’s oldest year-round competitive aquatic club serving the youth of the southern part of Santa Clara County since 1961. We have an excellent program with top-caliber professional coaches that can help your swimmer make it to the next level in competitive swimming. Come by any afternoon of the week and observe what our practices are like. After you read these requirements, please use the "Contact Us" tab (to the left) to request a try-out for your child(ren).

Here are some frequently asked questions about our team try-outs:

Who can join the Morgan Hill Makos swim team?  Any child between the ages of 5 and 18, who have some swimming experience (cabana swim club, high school swim team, etc.) are welcome to try-out for our swim team. If your child passes the try-out, and we're not at full capacity in the group they qualify for, we are happy to have them join our team.

What are practice hours and costs?  Practice hours vary from 3:45 to 7:00 p.m. based on the group your swimmer will be in, and the dues vary from $85 to $145 depending upon the group. There is also a required annual fee to Pacific Swimming which covers your swimmer with insurance during team practices and events.

Where do I go for my try-out?  Try-outs are held at the Morgan Hill Aquatics Center, which is the home pool for the Morgan Hill Swim Club. The address is: 16200 Condit Road, Morgan Hill CA, 95037. We practice in the 50 meter pool located on the south side of the Aquatic Center.

What can I expect during the try-out?  Our team try-outs are based upon the age of the swimmer, and their swimming abilities. The following list provides the minimum requirements (by age) that our coaches are looking for from a swimmer who wishes to join our team:

5 to 8 year olds: The young swimmer will be asked to swim two laps in the competition pool; one lap (25 yards) of freestyle, and one lap of backstroke. The coach will observe them as they swim through the water to see how well they know these two strokes, and if they can swim the length of the lane without stopping. This brief try-out (about 10 minutes) will help the coach determine your child’s swimming abilities. Upon completion a recommendation will be provided to the parent as to whether the child is ready to join our competitive swim team, or if he/she needs further swim lessons. Swimmers who pass this entry level try-out will be invited to join our Minnow Group.

9 to 10 year olds: The intermediate swimmer will be expected to know all four major strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle) legally. They will also be expected to know racing dives and flip turns. Children who can demonstrate these abilities during a try-out practice will be invited to join our Bronze Group.

11 to 12 year olds: In this advanced group, the swimmer will be expected to know all for major strokes legally (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), have some USA Swimming B times, and be able to swim 100 Freestyle in under 1:40. Children who can demonstrate this during a try-out practice will be invited to join our Silver, Gold, or Platinum Group. (Determined by the coaches.)

13 to 18 year olds: Teens in this age range must have previous competitive swim club/team experience; have some USA Swimming B times for this age group, and be able to swim 100 Freestyle in under 1:20. Kids who have these minimums will first be invited to meet with our senior coaches to discuss their previous swim experience(s). If they’ve not been absent from swimming for more than two months time, they will be invited to join one of the senior group’s practices to try-out for the team. After practice, the senior coach(s) will determine if they are a good fit for our Junior or Senior Group.

How should I be prepared for a try-out?  Girls need to wear a 1-piece swim suit, and boys can wear either a jammer style or Speedo styled swim suit. Bring goggles, a towel, and flip-flops. Please have your child wear a latex, silicon, or spandex swim cap if they have long hair.

I’m excited! When can I have a try-out?  Click on the "Contact Us" tab located on the left column to request a try-out, and we'll be in contact with you soon.