Pre-Comp Levels

Pre-Competitive Levels

These are the PC levels based on the curriculum that will be taught at each level. Be mindful that some skills may be interwoven between levels and that some skills may not be taught until later classes. Levels are catered to the students' needs rather than strictly bound to these guidelines:

Level 1

Torpedoes (2 hands, 1 hand), 6 kick drill (on back and front), Backstroke arms at side, rotation drill, Lots of breaststroke kick in streamline on back, Underwater recovery drill, Rainbow arms airplane arms, Monkey /airplane /soldier, Practice front and back floats, Lots of kicking, Backstroke arms

Level 2

Jellyfish skills and Fly kick, wiggles and jelly ride, arms at side first, Breaststroke kick on front (3 second glide drill), Dinner/dessert drill, pull breath kick pencil, Bubblegum ears, Tea cup hands, Streamline off walls for free and back, 25 yes freestyle and backstroke, Dolphin kicks with fins, arms at side

Level 3

Skills from jelly fish + manta rays and Streamline dolphin kick, Streamlines off wall mandatory, Double kick breaststroke, Triple kick fly with fins, Fly with fins and long pencil glide, Introduce breathing every three strokes for free, Fly progression: circle arm, magic button, torpedo arms

Level 4

Skills from all 3 groups and Doing 25 yds for all strokes, 50s for free and back occasionally, 25 kick and 25 swim as a workout, Introduce intervals, dives, flip turns, breast fly turns, pull downs, Streamline fly kicks, Fly without fins, Breathing every 3 for freestyle

In order to advance to our first Competitive group, swimmers must be AT LEAST capable of doing the following swim techniques without assistance or stopping:

50 yds freestyle, 25 yds of each stroke (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly) streamlining off walls, knowing how to circle swim , knowing the drills appropriate for each stroke and knowing how to read the pace clock.