Piranha Swimming Family Commitment 

Piranha Swimming is very fortunate to have a talented group of parents, and it takes all of you to keep this team running smoothly and efficiently. We need your participation and commitment to ensure our continued success.

Jobs & Hours:

We have a number of jobs that parents can help out with and each family is required to earn a certain number of volunteer hours, depending on the group of their most advanced swimmer.

There are 3 types of volunteer hours required:

  1. Meet Jobs: Piranha Swimming hosts up to 5 meets per year.
  2. Club Jobs: These are jobs which are critical to running our club such as fundraising, publicity, Board of Directors positions, coordinators, team spirit activities.
  3. Fundraising Commitment

The number of hours required by each family is determined by the group of your most advanced swimmer. For example, if you have a senior swimmer and an age group swimmer, our volunteer hour obligation is that of your senior swimmer. If your child changes groups, you will be required to fulfill the increase in volunteer hours. If your child takes a break, you are still obligated to fulfill volunteer positions during that time.

Volunteer Hours Requirements Based on Groups
Training Group Meet Hours Club Hours Fireworks Booth*
Comp Prep 10 10 4
Comp Ready 15 15 4
Age Group Comp 25 25 4
Juniors 45 20 4
Pre Seniors/Seniors 60 20 4

*Families joining after May 1 will be responsible for 4 hours in the fireworks booth only.

While the majority of our volunteers do the work they commit to, there are some who do not. We therefore have no choice but to assign penalties for hours not fulfilled or jobs committed to but not worked.

If a volunteer signs up and does not show up, a penalty fine of $15 per hour will be applied to their next bill. If a true emergency arises, the volunteer needs to find a substitute or, if it is too late, contact the administrator listed on the job signup sheet. Volunteers who do not satisfy their hour requirement by the end of the season will be charged $10.00 per hours not fulfilled. We will work with a parent to help find ways to fulfill volunteer hours. Please reach out to us early and do not wait until July or August. Please remember we prefer to have your time, not your money.

If you have extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to earn your volunteer hours, please talk to a board member or coach. Often we can find a job that will fit in with our restrictions. If you truly have unique circumstances, we will take that into consideration.

Meet Positions:

Our team hosted meets require a great deal of parent power to run smoothly. We need parents to fill these positions.

Positions Requiring Little or No Training

  • setup/takedown
  • meet marshals
  • snack bar
  • hospitality
  • announcing
  • clerk of course
  • awards
  • computer
  • dolphin operation
  • head timers

Meet Official Positions

Our team is required to provide officials at all meet we host and meets we attend. These positions require training but can be a great way to help our team and can be a rewarding experience.

Become an official for the opportunity to earn volunteer credits.              

              For the 2015-2016 Season, Piranha Swimming hosted meets will take place on the following days.

Piranha Distance Invitational:
Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2015.

Piranha Progressive #1:
Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20, 2016

Piranha Progressive #2:
Saturday, April 16 and Sunday, April 17, 2016

Piranha Progressive #3:
Saturday, May 14 and Sunday, May 15, 2016

Piranha Progressive #4:
Saturday, June 11and Sunday, June12, 2016

All families are required to earn volunteer hours working at our meets, whether or not they have swimmers in the meet. We need everyone to help fill the meet positions in order for these meets to run smoothly. These meets are not only a good source of income for our team, but we fulfill a need within our zone for meets in order for our swimmers to get opportunities for competition.

Meet jobs and some other jobs are posted under Events. Parents can sign up for as many slots as they choose for each event.

Away meets – All parents have an obligation to time at away meets (meets hosted by other clubs). This is an expectation amongst all swim clubs in USA Swimming. We in turn, expect the visiting teams at our meets to volunteer to time. If you attend a meet with your swimmer(s), remember that the host teams will be happy to time for our meets when we can help timing at their meet.

Club Jobs:

Along with hosting and running our meets, our club must run the business of the team. We need our parents to share their strengths and talents with us to keep our club running smoothly and financially strong.

  • Club Management – Piranha Swimming is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) business. Therefore we are managed by a Board of Directors made up of coaches and parent volunteers. The B of D has the responsibility of managing business of the club. The board oversees all committees. Committee chairs are part of our team management and can be a rewarding way to contribute to the stability of our program.
  • Membership – The role of our membership committee is the maintenance of our current membership, distribution of information, recruitment and publicity for growth, as well as organizing team spirit activities for swimmers such as pot lucks, holiday events, and awards ceremonies.
  • Fundraising – As a non-profit we rely on the dues from our membership and the funds that we can raise in order to keep our business healthy. Fundraising includes our traditional Fireworks booth, our lap-a-thon, corporate sponsorship, and other events. Sponsorship is the backbone of our financial stability. We need to seek out new sponsors, renew current sponsors, distribute our benefits to each sponsor and ensure those sponsors see their banners on our walls. Sponsors are recognized in our programs at our team hosted meets, and on our website.

Fundraising Commitment:

Fundraising consists of participating and raising necessary funds for the ongoing lease of our facility and operational costs.

Piranha Swimming hosts a spring fundraiser and this event has typically required our families to sell tickets to the event. Events in the past have been a pasta feed, crab feed, pancake breakfast. These events need ticket sales to be successful, along with raffles and silent auctions. Each family is required 5-10 tickets, depending on the event, from $50.00 to $100.00. We ask that families make the effort to sell the tickets rather than the burden to purchase them all.

Our summer fundraiser is our TNT Fireworks booth. The funds we earn from the week-long event provide us the ability to pay for our pool lease through the winter months. Because this fundraiser is a five-day, 12 hours per day event, we need each family to work two 2-hour shifts at the booth. Of course we can always use as much help as possible.

Our annual Lap-a-thon is held in the fall. Swimmers collect pledges for laps swum in 2 hours. It is fun, challenging, and way for the athletes to contribute to their team. We ask each swimmer to earn a minimum $50 in pledges ($150 per family). Prizes are awarded to those who can bring in the most funds raised.