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What time can I set-up?

Set-up will not be allowed until the meet on Friday at 3:00pm.  Due to school being in session, please ensure you are not on campus prior to the start time.  Set-up will not be available prior to the meet, becasue practices, swim lessons, and synchronized swimming will be held at the facility all day Thursday. Any equipment set-up prior to Friday will be taken down.  QuickSilver is not repsonsible for lost items.

Where can I set-up?

Set-up will be allowed in designated areas including part of the main cement stands, stands over the warm-up pool, in between the locker rooms, basketball courts, bike rack, and in the surrounding areas.   

  • Any items left overnight are left at your own risk. Anything left outside the gates has a high probablity of being taken!
  • Only coaches are allowed to set-up under the Silver tents. 
  • No swimmer/family set-up is permitted on the pool deck (within the yellow bars). 
  • Please obey all set-up signs as posted.