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IMR & IMX Scores

IMR & IMX scores

QuickSilver Swimming would like all of its swimmers to strive to achieve an IMR and IMX score for the 2016- 2017 swim year!  How do you get an IMR and IMX score?  Swimmers need to swim all of the IMR and IMX events for their age.  
Current 2017- 2018 Season running IMR and IMX rankings:

Look up your swimmer's current IMR and IMX rankings:

2016- 2017 IMR Short Course Rankings

2016 -2017 IMX Short Course Rankings

2017 IMR Long Course Rankings

2017 IMX Long Course Rankings



Swimmers can find their IMX ranking online.  Please note that USA Swimming does not rank swimmers who have only achieved an IMR score.  Rankings are only for IM Xtreme. 




You can also check both your IMX and IMR Scores on your Deck Pass page if you have set up a linked account.