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February 28, 2019
Goal: $50,000
100% Team Participation
What is a Swim-A-Thon?
We hope this will be a fun event all our swimmers can partake in and at the same time raise funds for our team.
Participants earn money by swimming lengths of the swimming pool (25yds), within a specified period. Swimmers collect pledges per lap or flat donations from family, neighbors or businesses to support their efforts prior to swimming. It functions just like Walk-A-Thons etc that are popular in schools.
For our swim-a-thon, Pre-Bronze and Bronze have 1.5 hrs to swim a maximum of 100 laps. All other groups have 2 hrs to swim a maximum of 200 laps.
How will the funds be used?
Quicksilver will use 95% of the funds raised towards coaching salaries, coach training, facility rental costs and other operational expenses. These funds raised are vital too the sustainability of the club, as the monthly dues cover less than 80% of expenses!
The funds remaining 5% of the funds raised will be paid to the USA Swimming Foundation. The Foundation works to strengthen the sport of swimming by  saving lives and building champions—in the pool and in life. Whether they’re equipping children across the country with the life-saving skill of learn-to-swim through their Make a Splash initiative, or providing financial support to heroes on the U.S. National Team, the USA Swimming Foundation aims to provide the wonderful experience of swimming to kids at all levels across the country. To learn more about the USA Swimming Foundation, visit
When and Where?
Date: Thursday 28th February 2019
Where: Gunderson and Almaden Swim and Racket Club
Time: Please see below for where and when each group will be have the opportunity to participate. Note: Unless otherwise stated groups run at multiple sites are combined for the event.
Gunderson High School
Lap Pool
Diving Well
3:30 - 5:30
Gold Elite
Junior National
5:30 - 7:30
Stroke Development


Almaden Swim & Racket Club
Lap Pool
4:00- 5:30
Bronze (ASRC)
5:30 - 7:00
Bronze (GHS / ClubSport)
What happens on the day?
Athletes will swim as many laps as they can during their allotted time slot. Parents play a very important role during the event. They are required to count laps and cheer on the swimmers!
Donations and Pledge Forms 
Donors have either the option of donating a fixed amount or pledging a per-lap amount. Swimmers have 2 options for gathering donations.
Don’t forget to tell potential donors both Quicksilver Swimming and USA Swimming Foundation are both 501(c) nonprofits and  all contributions are fully tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.
Company Matching
Another way to boast your donation totals are to ask the donor whether their company has a charitable matching program. Here are just some that do: Apple, Adobe, Cisco, Ebay, Google, IBM, Intel, Juniper Networks, Sun, Symantec, Varian, Wells Fargo, Applied Materials.
Fundraising requirement
Every Dollar raised by your swimmers will count towards your families $100 fundraising requirement. This means that if your family raises $50 in donations, then your family will be billed for the remaining $50. However, if you raise $100 or more then your will not be billed anything to meet this requirement!!
How to personalize your donation page
Each swimmer can personalize their own donation page by following the steps:
  1. Sign-in to your account at
  2. Click on the Swim-A-Thon logo under the “Instagram” logo on the left.
  3. Click on the red “Setup” tab. Here you can personalize your swimmers sent via email. The default goal amount is $200, but you can change it to any value. Lastly you can enter the number of laps your swimmer would like to complete.
  4. Click on the red “Promote” tab. This is where you enter the email address of your potential donors.Click on the invite list to add new emails.
  5. When you are ready to send out your promotion email, just click the name box and it will select all your potential donors. Then select the green email donor’s button. The system will email your “Promote” letter to everyone on your list.
Donation Rewards
The following table lists the prizes QSS will be providing for every swimmer that raises donations. The prizes are cumulative, which means that if a swimmer raised $150 they will receive the $150 reward and the $100 reward! So the more they raise the more goodies they get!!!
The Raffle prizes are:
  • 1x Arena Gear & Apparel Basket
  • 1x QSS Apparel Basket
  • Pie a Coach in the Face
    • 1 for every 5 ticket entries.
Fundraising Achievement
Quicksilver Swimming
Prize Levels
QSS Lanyard
QSS Sunglasses
QSS Slinky
QSS Popsocket
QSS Fidget Spinner
QSS Croc Pin + 1 Raffle Ticket Entry
QSS Head Band
QSS Towel
QSS Visor
QSS Arena Backpack
QSS Warm-up Set or Sweat Set
In addition, USA Swimming Foundation offers the following prizes. Swimmers receive only the single highest level prize for which the are eligible for these prizes. In addition swimmers who swim 100 lengths or 200 lengths will receive a bag tag to recognize their achievement!
For more information and to see pictures of the awards, visit
Fundraising Achievement
Official USA Swimming Foundation Swim-a-Thon Prizes
$400.00 - $599.99
Swim-a-Thon Sunglasses
$600.00 - $799.99
Swim-a-Thon T-Shirt
$800.00 - $1199.99
Swim-a-Thon Towel
Swim-a-Thon Inflatable Couch