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Current Zoom Practices

QSS has switched to virutal operations.  The goal is to keep the team and community together through this difficult time.

QSS staff is working hard behind the scenes to ensure swimmers have regular engagement through dryland, stroke tehcnique teaching, video analysis, and fun games.  QSS staff is also working on plans to Return to the Pool.  Currently, swimming pools are not permitted to open in Santa Clara County.  We are working hard to be advocates to lift this sanction soon.

Current Practice Schedule:

  • Pre-Bronze, Bronze & Silver - M/W/F 4:00- 4:45pm
  • Gold & Gold Elite - M-F 5:15- 6:00pm
  • GHS Turquoise & Stroke Dev - M/W/F COR 3:00- 3:30pm, Tu/Th 4:00- 5:00pm
  • ASRC/CS Turquoise - M/W/F COR 4:45- 5:15pm, Tu/Th 4:00- 5:00pm
  • Pre-Senior & Senior Dev - M/W/F COR 3:00- 3:30pm
  • Grey, Pre-National & Junior National - M/W/F COR 4:15- 4:45pm, Fri 4:45- 5:15pm, Tu/Th 4:15- 5:15pm
  • Senior - M/W/F COR 3:30- 4:15pm
  • National - M/W/F COR 3:30- 4:15pm, Sat Stroke Building 10:00- 11:00am