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The first step is to schedule a tryout for group placement

Please send an email to: to arrange a tryout.

Include in the email which location for your tryout.

Tryout Sites:

Gunderson High School - 622 Gaundabert Lane San Jose CA


Almaden Swim and Racquet Club - 6604 Northridge Dr San Jose CA


Club Sport - 300 Embedded Way San Jose CA

What to Bring?  Swimmers need to bring a swimsuit, cap (if long hair), goggles, and towel.

Requirements?  Swimmers must be able to swim 25-yards freestyle unassisted.  Our Pre-Bronze (pre-swim team) group is also available for those swimmers who can swim 15-yards of freestyle, float on their back, and follow coach instruction.

Please tryout at the site that your swimmer plans on practicing.



2019-2020 Registration Link - Click Here


QuickSilver practices at 3 locations.  Practice times vary based on group placement at try-outs. 

  • Swimmers 8 & Under who are not yet swim team ready, but can swim at least 15 yards of freestyle unassisted, will likely be placed in Pre-Bronze.
  • Swimmers 8 & Under will likely be placed in Bronze or Silver.
  • Swimmers 9-10 with swim team experience (cabana, etc.) will likely be placed in Silver or Gold. 
  • Swimmers 10 & Under without swim team experience will likely be placed in Bronze or Silver.
  • Swimmers 12 & Over will likely be placed in Turquoise or Pre-Senior

Please note that QuickSilver is built on a progression system where swimmers are placed in a group level that matches up both age and skill level as best as possible.  Swimmers move up a group three times per year (August, January, and April) based on being ready for the next group.


Practice times by site:


Registration Fees:

  • $200 Family Fee (prorated throughout the season - non refundable)
  • $73 USA Swimming Registration Fee

Monthly Dues:

Practice Group

Monthly Dues

Yearly Dues

(ACH/CHECK 10% discount)

Pre-Bronze / Bronze / Silver






Gold Elite



Turquoise / Pre-Senior / Senior Dev



Pre-National / Grey



Jr. National



   Senior / National




  NON - Competitive Programs:

Rec/Stk Dev Registration Link

   Recreation Swim

   (GHS site only- 12 & under)

$50 reg fee + $73 USA swim reg fee

No "rollover" days allowed from week to week - only offered M-W-F

  Stroke Development (T/TH only)

$50 reg. fee


$90/mo x1 week

$140/mo x2 week

$190/mo x3 week





No annual

payment option.

    Club Sport Site (1 hour practices only)

$175 / non-member

$155 / member



College (Sept 1- includes USA-S Reg)



Master - QSS Parent



Master - USA Swimming Official






  • *No annual family fee or volunteer hours.  Non-competitive and limited day participation.  Only available at the GHS site and for swimmers 12 years of age and under.
  • Monthy Dues - Monthly Dues are billed on the 1st of each month.  Payment is accepted by credit card (plus processing fee) or ACH.
  • Annual Dues - Families may opt to pay annually.  The listed rate includes the 10% discount if paying by check or ACH.  Families may opt to pay by credit card at a 7% discount instead.  Payment is due September 1st.  Payment is valid August through July

Parent Obligations for Comp Swim Team:

  • Service Hours
    • 0 Hours for Pre-Bronze/Bronze groups 
    • 20 hours Silver groups. 
    • 25 Hours for all other competition groups. 
    • Hours are calculated by the highest group level of your swimmer(s).  Parents receive 2 service hours for attending the team General Meeting on Thursday, October 17.
  • Buyout option available at the start of the season (By Oct 1st) or within the first month of joining.
  • $100 Fundraising Fee in February (sell ads, etc.)