Membership Info

Welcome to the 2019-2020 season!

At Santa Clara Diving Club, we take pride in offering the sport of diving to all skill levels. Our programs include beginning recreational classes all the way through Senior National Finalists and everything in between. We believe that, through sports, young athletes can learn valuable lifelong lessons.


Membership dues and fees

Upon joining SCDC, new members pay the SCDC annual registration fee, USA Diving membership registration, monthly dues, and a travel fee if applicable.

  • Annual Registration Fee ($130): New and returning families pay an annual registration fee of $130 per year and per family in September. The annual registration fee includes a SCDC t­-shirt per diver (new and returning). This will be charged when completing the Online Registration. Divers who join the team after November 30 will be charged an annual registration fee of $105, $80 after February 28, and $55 after May 31. The annual registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Non-Resident Youth Sports Participation Fee:  The City of Santa Clara requires SCD to collect $25 annually from every "non-resident" participant in our program. If you live within the City of Santa Clara, or if your child is enrolled in the Santa Clara Unified School District, this fee does not apply to you. This will be charged when completing Online Registration.
  • USA Diving Registration Fee: An annual USA Diving membership registration is required of all competitive and non-competitive team divers. This registration must be completed by each family for each diver before January 1,2019, or before the first day with SCDC if joined later. 
  • Monthly Dues: Monthly dues are billed at the beginning of each month and can be paid by credit card. A $20 late charge will be assessed if dues are not collected by the 15th of the month. SCDC will send an email each month detailing all charges (including dues, dive meet fees, other team related fees, etc.). Dues are based on a four-week month and on an annual basis. A month with 5 weeks is considered a make up for club's closures throughout the year (Thanksgiving, Winter, etc.) SCDC does not pro­rate fees for partial months.
    In case of sickness or injury, there is two-month limit on waiving fees. After two months, divers will be required to pay full monthly dues in order to keep their spot. Individual situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Travel Fee: JO and Pre JO groups will be billed a travel fee of $350 in January 2020.  Developmental and Lessons groups will be billed a travel fee of $50 in January, 2020.
  • JO Groups: Once a commitment is made to this group, personal appointments, vacations, and other activities must not interfere with this group’s training and meet schedule. JO divers withdrawing and returning in the same season are responsible for monthly fees and volunteer hours missed.  

Multi-athlete discount

SCDC offers a discount for families with more than one active, year-round diver. Families with two divers may deduct $20.00 per month from the family’s dues; families with three swimmers may deduct $40.00 per month, etc.

Volunteer Hour Requirement

Each family on the JO, Pre JO, and Developmental groups has a yearly volunteer hour requirement as detailed on the Volunteer Hours page of this website. Any unworked volunteer hours will be billed at the rate of $50 an hour.


If a diver wishes to withdraw from the program, a change of status must be requested via email to your coach (copy [email protected]) 15 days prior to the month you intend to stop diving to avoid being charged for the following month (for example, if you intend to quit in December, we must receive your withdrawal no later than 11/15). A diver who elects to withdraw and then return will be subject to the annual registration registration fee. There are no exceptions.