Bridge Athletic

Bridge Athletic

Bridge Athletic is a dry-land program that the Senior / National Group swimmers incorporate into their training. The program is designed by Nick Folker, who is widely regarded as a top strength and conditioning coach in the world for aquatic athletes. The Bridge Athletic program builds, delivers and tracks a customized dryland progression. Swimmers receive a comprehensive, highly-customized training plan and complete regular assessments throughout the season.

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Nick Folker

Nick Folker is the Co-Founder of Bridge Athletic and Director of Elite Performance. Nick is widely regarded as the top strength and conditioning coach in the world for aquatic athletes. Nick applied himself to the sport and earned a swimming scholarship at the University of Hawaii, and then had the honor of representing South Africa at the highest level competing in the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. Nick currently trains a group of elite professional swimmers and water polo players who hail from around the world. Over the last 12 years Nick’s athletes have won 22 Olympic Medals, 7 team NCAA Championships and over 170 individual and relay NCAA championships.