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Special Event 100 x 100m Dec. 31, 2017

​PLEASE NOTE: HI PERFORMANCE TEAM WILL BE USING THE MAIN POOL AT ISC on 12/31/2017 from 6-8:00 AM.  Pre Event warm up will need to be done in outer two pools as available.  

SCSC Masters Swimmers and all USMS 2017-2018 Swimmers!!!

***100 x 100 Meter Swim Challenge ***

"Go For Broke" 

Swim 2017 Goodbye

*** Up to 100 x 100 meters - no requirement to complete all 100 ***


2nd Annual "Go For Broke" SCSC Masters New Year's Challenge Swim-a-thon

December 31, 2017


Various Swim Challenges will

 be Offered; Choose Your Own Poison!

Long Course Meters Lanes will be set up for the following types of Swims:

A.) 100 x 100 Meters:  On Paces of 1:30, 1:45, 2:00   

B.) 2.5K, 5K, or 10K Swim:  Same lane paces as above   

C.) 100 x 25   Yards (Training Pool "bubble" will be used for the 25 yard challenge)

Requirement for Participation: Must be able to swim 100 Meters consistently in 2:00 or less!

No other type of swimming will be available in the main pool. All lanes in the main pool will be used for the Challenge.

Outer two pools, the diving well if available, and, the bubble if available, will be opened for any USMS or SCSC Swimmer to swim laps independent of the challenge.  

Start Time 8:00 AM (pre-warm up starts at 7:45 AM - ISC will be open at 7:30 AM - Gate will close at 7:55 - Please be on Time because after 7:55 a.m. gate will be locked)

Open to any registered 2017 USMS Swimmer.

Fee (and Donation):

Pre Registered: $30/with "Go For Broke" T Shirt *

If Pre Register by Oct. 1 2017 10% discount off

T-Shirt Registration closes Nov 30, 2017.

Registered: $10 without T Shirt

Non Registered Day of Race Fee: $15 No T Shirt

Registration Process will be made available on September.1 2017



Registration is now open:    

Either Mail or E-mail below to Coach Gary (

Name: ___________________________ Age ________________________

USMS #__________________________ Gender: M/F (circle one)

100 Meter Pace:   1:30   1:40  1:50  2:00   Circle which interval fits you best

Date: ____/___/____   Fee Option: With T-Shirt  _____   Without T-Shirt _____

T-Shirt Size - ______ (S) (M) (L) (XL) (XXL) (XXXL) 

Billing Options:   

1. If Member of SCSC you can elect to have the Team Unify Billing System bill You automatically to your SCSC Account. Members can login to your SCSC Masters Account, go to HOME tab, on bottom right is EVENTS tab, click on Swim Challenge Option: (1) with T-shirt $30 (2) without T-shirt $10. Click "Online Registration" to begin registration process for the event.

2. Non SCSC Members but USMS Swimmer Registered for 2017 can Send Registration and Check/Cash to:

SCSC C/O Coach Gary

2625 Patricia Dr, Santa Clara, CA. 95051 _____

3. Or Non-Members can provide a Credit Card Number, with Exp. Date and Code via e-mail to

Type of Card M/C or VISA CC#  ____________________ Exp Date:____/____/___ Code ____

Name on Card: __________________________________

4. Or Pay on Race Day - no discount, no t-shirt option.