Vendors and Sponsors
Membership Agreements
What Your Club Membership Means
1. You are joining a Private Club and Organization, not a Business. As a Member of the Swim Club, you agree to support the Club through your monthly or yearly fee payments. 
2. Your monthly fee is based on an average of 320 Swim Days a Year. Should the Club experience significantly more down time that would affect our ability to deliver 320 days of swimming, a fee reduction would be proposed for the following year.
3. We ask that our swimmers advise us 5 days before month end if they wish to cancel Membership. Members advising after the 25th of each month will be charged a full months fee for the next month due to timing issues with billing admin tasks.
In other words, we must get your request by the 25th day of the month in order to stop your payment for the following month. Those canceling after the 25th will incur a full month's charge for the following month.
4. As a Member of the Club, when the pool is closed the Club is still functioning, and thus Your monthly fee is mandatory even under unforeseen down time. As a Club Member you've chosen to become a Partner in sharing the Club's monthly expenses.  
The Club has monthly costs such as rent, phones, internet, software systems, and hardware, lane lines, pool equipment, pool covers, heating, lighting, maintenance, chemicals, employee costs. Your membership fee covers more than just the pools.  
All of these costs are included in your Membership Monthly and Yearly Fee Structures. Moreover, the Adult Programs are subsidized by all the other programs at SCSC. Without the subsidization we could not provide a Masters Club.  
5. With the subsidization from the other Programs at SCSC,  we are able to keep our Masters fee's very reasonable; (Base Rates have not been raised since 2014).  SCSC Master's offers more hours of swim time for less cost than any other local Masters Club. 
When the pool malfunctions and is closed by the City of Santa Clara for repairs your membership fee is still a requirement as a Club Member as your overall fees are based on this understanding of Club Operations.  
6. Your Club Membership is voluntary based on solely on your interest in the Swim Club. You can revoke your membership at anytime.  Please see #3.
7. The City of Santa Clara owns and manages the pool's time slots allotted to our Non-Profit Organization. We are separate from the City of Santa Clara.