May 2020

Week 9 - STAY AT HOME with Waves

Friday, May 29, 2020


This concludes our 9 week stretch of STAY AT HOME workouts.  Again today, I'd like to shift your mental game back to the pool deck. Below are a handful of swimteam pool deck terms and devices you want to have fresh in your mind as well.

Warm Up

  • 3 X 100 Broken Flutter Kick/Freestyle Drill/Freestyle Swim
  • 3 X 100 Broken IM Order Kick/IM Order Drill/IM Swim

Warm Up Set

  • 8 x 25 on :40

IM Order (2 x 25 Fly, 2 x 25 Back, 2 x 25 Breast, 2 x 25 Free)

Technique Set.

  • 4 X 100 IM with :30 rest

Focus on underwaters and breakout to PERFECT strokes.

3 perfect strokes FLY then finish the length with Freestyle.

3 perfect strokes BACK then finish the length with Freestyle.

3 perfect strokes BREAST then finish the length with Freestyle.

3 perfect strokes FREE then finish the length with long Freestyle strokes.

Main Set

  • 4 X 100 K/D/S IM Order with a rotating freestyle

25 Dolphin Kick, 25 Fly Drill, 25 Fly Swim, 25 Free

25 Flutter Kick on Back, 25 Back Drill, 25 Free, 25 Back Swim

25 Breast Kick, 25 Free, 25 Breast Drill, 25 Breast Drill

25 Flutter Kick on Side, 25 Free, 25 Free Drill, 25 Free Swim

Warm Down

100 Sculling alternating between back and belly at 25’s

100 swim choice

100 swim Free

Knowing how to use the pace clock:

How to DQ...or better yet, how NOT to

3 point entry (and a few other less than approved options!)

Reading a swim workout

If you have a treadmill at home or want to keep this in your back pocket for when the gym is open, this is a link to a virtual walk through Disneyland.  There are lots of these on You Tube.  You can virtually walk the world!  

For the weekend I've attached multiple Disney movie workouts.  Again, there are lots of these out there.  You might even be able to create your own to your favorite movie.  The goal is to keep moving, right?  There is no wrong way to do THAT!

As always, reach out if you have questions.

Coach Monica


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

And once again, our world is changing.  There is talk about returning to the pool, some are returning to offices and workplaces and many are gearing up to end their school year.  With this shift comes some anxiety. For athletes, parents AND coaches.  I've attached a dryland workout to this email and included a link to a fun Disney themed aeorbic workout but below I have posted a swim workout that may show up on the pool deck.  I want our swimmers to put their brains back in shape.  Practice looking at a workout, thinking about the verbal cues that will come from coaches to perform each of these tasks.  Remember timing, how to read a pace clock, what the "rules" of the pool are and how they might change in order to meet the social distancing guidelines.  This is an excellent time to ask questions of your coaches (email them or ask during our weekly Zoom meetings) because we want everyone to return feeling confident and safe. Enjoy your mental workout.  Be sure to add one of the phyical workouts too!

Warm Up

  • 50 Free
  • 100 Flutter Kick (Board OK)  **Stress consistency**
  • 50 Free
  • 100 Choice (non-flutter) Kick with board **Stress consistency**
  • 50 Free
  • 100 Kick IM Order (25 Dolphin, 25 Flutter, 25 Breast, 25 Flutter) **Legal**
  • 50 Free

Warm Up Set

  • 8 x 25 with 15 seconds rest

 Odds – Freestyle

 Evens – Choice Non Free

Technique Set

Flutter kick with FINS ON!  Repeat 4 times.

  • 25 Kick on Side with one arm up/one arm down. Shoulder and hip in line and shoulder out of water
  • 25 Kick on back in streamline position. **proper streamline**
  • 25 Kick on opposite side with one arm up/one arm down. Shoulder and hip in line and shoulder out of water
  • 25 Kick on belly taking a freestyle stroke to breathe every 8 kicks

**Focus on body line.  Shift weight and head position to find the PERFECT feel**

Main Set

From mid pool to the wall.

  • Free – 3 strokes in, no breath.  Flip turn, streamline, 3 strokes out. No breath.  STOP.
  • Breast – swim in, 2 hand touch, underwater pulldown making it as far as you can. STOP.
  • Back – Find your stroke count.  Find it again. And again.  Include flip turn, holding tight streamline. 5-7  dolphin kicks before breakout. Take 3 strokes. (initiating stroke from the top with just one arm!) STOP.
  • Fly – 2 strokes in, 2 hand touch, tight streamline and 5 dolphin kicks. 1 stroke no breath.

From the block (if we have them!)

  • 2 starts for each stroke, clean underwaters (streamline, dolphin kick or pull down) powerful breakout and 3 strokes.

Week 8 - STAY AT HOME with Waves

Friday, May 22, 2020


 I have attached 2 other workout games to todays workout.  Hopefully enough to get you through the holiday weekend.  Congratulations everyone, we've made it through week 8!

Deck of cards workout

This is a game best played with a partner, although you could easily do it alone.  You will need a standard deck of cards.  (All 52 minus the joker!)

Shuffle the cards then place them face down so you can’t see the top card.  With your partner, take turns guessing if the top card is red or black.  If you guess wrong, you have to do the associated task (see below).  If you guess correct, your partner must do the task.  If you guess wrong and the card is a Jack, Queen or King you BOTH do the task.  Guess correct on a face card and you both get a free pass!


Guess WRONG red/black– 25 yards (17 strokes) of Non-Free swimming  OR 5 burpees

Guess WRONG face card – 25 yards (17 strokes) Non-Free + 25 yards Free (15 strokes) OR 10 burpees

Repeat this until you’ve made it through the entire deck


There is also a fun family version of this with True or False questions.  Parents make a list of family related or household related True/False questions. (we played the “laundry” edition at my house. My kids learned how much soap to use, how long the washer runs and what temperature water we use for towels!)  You can utilize any activity that suits your family. Jumping jacks, jump squats, etc…


Wednesday, May 20, 2020


Good Morning!  As my coaching brain has switched gears to logistics and swimmers getting back into the water, I thought it best that I start creating things to do at home to help ensure swimmers safe return.  Anticipating a lot of crying over kick sets and foot cramps, I created a little something to help get your ankles and feet back in shape for our return.  Even if you are doing a seperate workout routine, take a look at these stretches and exercises so you are familiar with what to do on deck when the foot cramp or calf cramp returns!

Here is the link to that document:  http://

If your body is craving a swim workout, here is a Pilates breastroke workout.  It is NOT swimming oriented but does a great job orienting those muscle groups.  You might want a yoga mat for this one.  Lots of extension work.

If you need to REALLY sweat, here is a link to MySwimPro HIIT workout.  I love most of what this guy does!

As always, I do not endorse or support these individuals.  They offer good workouts with clear, safe instructions.  Please be safe in your activities today!


Monday, May 18, 2020


Happy Monday and welcome to Week 8.  It's time to reasses where we are in the process.  Attached is the "test" set we've used a couple of times.  Try it again, see if you are performing better, on par or worse for each item.

Above it our invite to Wednesdays zoom meeting for Novice swimmers.  An email will go out to those swimmers tomorrow with details about what to expect for Wednesdays meeting.  Anyone is welcome to join us (not just little kids)!

This is a swimming dryland link from a couple of british tri-athletes.  Although there is a lot of talking, I thought their use of household items and swimmer focused dryland was pretty ingenious.

If the how and why of swimming interests you, check ou the attached Ted Talk.  Interesting stuff!! utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

Nothing feels as good as getting back in the water, but until then,, feel great about what you do today!


Week 7 - STAY AT HOME with Waves

Friday, May 15, 2020


This can be started in any room.  Do 3 rounds!


Kitchen – Push Ups at the sink.  Feet together about 2 – 2 ½ feet away from the sink.  Lean into the counter, grabbing it with both hands slightly wider than your shoulders.  Keep your chin driving forward and looking at the facet.  You are in the “down” position once your chest touches the counter.  **10  Push Ups**

Dining Room (or a suitable table with chairs) – Breastroke kicking UNDER the table.  Sit on the edge of the chair with your legs under the table.  Make sure you have enough clearance to do a narrow breastroke kick.  Bring you heels back trying to touch the seat of your chair, bring your knees up until you touch the underside of the table.  Keeping your kick just below the table, complete your kick. **10 Breastroke kicks**

Bathroom Mirror – Perfecting the timing of your breath.  Take a butterfly stroke, looking up into the mirror in the pull phase and looking down into the sink on the recovery phase. **10 butterfly strokes**

Bedroom (yours or someone who has a big bed) – Cleaning up the push portion of your stroke. Lay on the bed with a small stuffed animal in each hand.  Take a backstroke stroke being sure to enter in the “11” positon with your pinky first.  Bend your elbow slightly and push it into your soft bed.  Finish the push of the stroke and push your tiny stuffed animal towards your feet. **10 backstroke strokes for each arm!**

Living Room – Couch kicking. Sit on the edge of the couch with your hands positioned behind you for support.  Lift your feet from the ground and try to hold parallel to couch while flutter kicking **Kick for 30 seconds**

Any room Floor – Freestyle drills.  Lay on your side with the arm closest to the floor extended above you. Your ear should be touching your arm.  BE LONG!  Your other arm should rest tight to your side. Hand on your thigh.  This requires balance.  Flutter kick small and quick 10 times and then rotate to the other side.  Rotate quickly, fin you balance point and start kicking ASAP. 

Round 2 – Pay attention to your head position. Chin tucked into the “pocket” for breathing (armpit breathing!)

Round 3 – Balance, breathe AND hold the arm that was previously resting at your side in a “shark fin” position.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Today's dryland workout is below.  It's got a funny story behind it. Remind me to tell you sometime!  I've attached a "swim" workout if you'd rather :)

Spell Your Name Workout

A - 10 Push Ups

B -  30 Jumping Jacks

C-  15 Butterfly Strokes

D -  5 Burpees

E -  1 minute Wall Sit

F -  20 Backstroke Strokes

G -  15 Squats

H -  20 Jumping Jacks

I -  1 minute plank

J -  15 Breastroke Strokes

K -  20 Crunches

L -  1 minute Flutter Kick

M -  12 Squat jumps

N -  10 Push Ups

O -  100 IM (12 Fly Strokes, 15 Back, 12 Breast, 15 Free)

P -  10 Tricep Dips

Q -  15 Jumping Jacks

R -  1 minute plank

S -  15 Bicycle Crunches

T -  1 minute wall sit

U -  20 Freestyle Strokes

V -  25 Squats

W -  1 minute Flutter Kick

X -  10 Mountain Climbers

Y -  15 Jumping Jacks

z -  30 Crunches

Monday, May 11, 2020



 Anyone else feel like they spend an ungodly amount of time in the kitchen?  No? I bet someone in your house is!  Today's workout options are attached.  Admittedly, I took them all of the internet.  (Remember, I do not support or endorse any of these people.  They just post good ideas with safe and appropriate demos.)  Before your begin.....Do the dishes!  If you are the child or yound adult of the them.  Do them right.  Wipe down the counter tops.  It's part of cleaning the kitchen.  (Besides you don't want water on the surfaces during your workout.  No slipping PLEASE!) and learn how to make you parent's a cup of coffee. (Yep, it's part of the workout!)  

Enjoy the Kitchen Sink workout!

Coach Monica


Week 6 Day 1 - STAY AT HOME with Waves

Friday, May 8, 2020


Attached is a Trolls Movie Workout for some weekend fun!

Friday Circuit

  • Station 1: Flutter Kick 2:00
  • Station 2: Sally Up Squats (song is 3:45 seconds)
  • Station 3: IM transitions 
    • 15 strokes Butterfly/15 strokes Backstroke 
    • Rest for 10 seconds
    • 17 strokes Backstroke/15 strokes Breastroke
    • Rest for 10 seconds
    • 15 strokes Breastroke/18 strokes Freestyle
  • Station 4:  Over the head throw ball to the wall and catch catch. KEEP IT ABOVE YOUR HEAD!
  • Station 5: High elbow freestyle with good breathing technique (every 3,4 or 5 strokes) 120 strokes
  • Station 6: Vertical jumps from a squatting position
  • Station 7: IM Swim  16 strokes for each  FLY/BACK/BREAST/FREE


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

This is a link to a "minute" workout.  Each activity is a minute long!  Just incase you don't feel like a "swim" today.

If your up for a you go! I've attached the fly,back and breast workouts for your reference. Enjoy!


Warm Up

100 Free (80 strokes)

100 Kick (timed for 1 minutes 30 seconds)

100 IM (20 strokes for each. Fly,back,breast,free)

**Repeat*  approx. 600yard warm up

Technique Set

Freestyle drills are an attempt to balance control, power and timing.  Taking a breath at the wrong time or rotating the wrong way can easily throw you off course and into a lane line.  Consistency (control) is key today when executing these drill dryland style

  • 2 X 100 broken 50 drill/50 swim

Catch Up freestyle 

Hold something (kickboard, towel, pool noodle) in front of you with both hands. Hand should be shoulder width apart and arms fully extened.  Feet planted beneath your hips (in the square),  bend at the hip (not the waist, but the hip!) and suck in your gut. (tighten those abs!) Relax your head into a neutral position so your ears are even with your arms.  Take a freestyle stroke, one arm at a time, never letting the item droop below the shoulder height.  Breathe to the side every 3 or 4 strokes, again, doing your best to keep the item level in front of you.

Take 40 strokes, drop the item to the side and repeat without it again for 40 strokes. *Repeat*

  • 2 X 100 broken by 25’s (drill/swim/drill/swim)

Combo of zipper drill, sailor salute drill and finger tip drag.

Stand with your feet aligned with your shoulders and hips and your toes pointed forward. Bend at the hip. Relax your head into a neutral position so your ears are even with your arms.  Breathe to the side, rotating at the hip and drag your thumb up your side until it reaches you armpit. Notice your bent elbow is pointing up towards the sky.  Slowly rotate your body back so your head is back in the neutral position but your thumb is still in your armpit.  Bent elbow you be pointing to the “10” (think analog clock). Bring your hand to your forehead while maintain the high bent elbow, pause for a 3 count, then extend your arm in front of you slowly letting your fingertips point down to the floor.

Take 20 strokes of drill, take 20 regular swim strokes, 20 drill, 20 swim *Repeat*

Endurance Set

  • 500 “strokes” broken. – Refer to previous stroke sets for those drills

Drill 20 strokes choice. Swim 60 strokes choice.

Drill 40 strokes choice. Swim 40 strokes choice.

Drill 60 strokes choice. Swim 20 strokes choice.

Drill 80 strokes.

Swim 80 strokes.

Monday, May 4, 2020


Our current status has me saying and doing things I never dreamed of.  Including, but certainly NOT limited to the attached link to 35 static stretches.  Wait, what?? Coach Monica is promoting static stretching?!?  I am and here is why.  Many of us are spending an unpresented amount of time at a computer or sitting at a desk.  Even if you have replaced your hour pool workout with something else, your studies have you physically contained to a space that doesn’t vary much.  Your body mechanics are routine and your brain might need a kick in the pants at this point.  Time to get our bodies to do something new.  This doesn’t replace a cardio workout but is a healthy alternative to nothing!

Start with stretching/moving/rotating/flexing EVERY muscle group you can isolate.  Top of your head to your toes (don’t forget your fingers too!). You may not need a “how to” but here is one anyway. J Be a smart swimmer and think about how you use these muscle group in the water,

Do YOGA!  OK, this is something that I will not do in the presence of other people either, but I found this video and followed along and felt great afterward.  She is slow and deliberate in her directions.  Give this a try. Make it fun and “zoom” or whatever platform works with a friend and laugh a little too. (laughter is also very therapeutic). I added a yoga for kids that isn’t cheesy for our younger fan club. Yoga for kids


Today, I want you to take a minute and listen to your body.  If it is screaming for a hard workout, here is a link to a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training workout.


Week 5 - STAY AT HOME with Waves


May 1, 2020 Happy May Day!

 Time is on your side :)  Friday workout is below.  I've also included a good link for some "dynamic" stretching.  A combo of dynamic and static stretching is ALWAYS a good idea before a workout (swim or otherwise) and sometimes can be just the 5 minute mid day boost you need.  Try one of the dynatic stretch routines without an additional workout when youjust need to get the blood moving.

Informational article about dynamic/static stretching

Not loving the audio, but if you watch him, the demo is good.  If you don't have a stretch cord, use the elastic top pience of an old sock!

Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your weekend.

Warm Up

  • 2 minutes of dynamic stretching
  • 4 minute mixer (Any stroke, kick or swim or drill or any combo of.  JUST KEEP MOVING)

Kick Set

In a seated position (chair, bed, couch or for a challenge, in a V-Sit position on the floor!) Place your hands behind you for balance (or keep them on top of your thighs if you have an incredibly strong core!).

  • 15 Seconds, dolphin kick, making sure that kick initiates from the hips, NOT the knees

Rest for 15 seconds

  • 15 Seconds, flutter kick. Small, quick kicks with toes pointed and legs straight but not locked.

Rest for 15 Seconds

  • 15 seconds, breastroke kick getting the full motion in (heels to butt, make the V with your feet, out and around to a straight leg, toes pointed glide)

Rest for 15 Seconds

  • 15 Seconds, flutter kick. Small, quick kicks with toes pointed and legs straight but not locked.
  • Repeat to 30 Seconds with 10 seconds rest between “strokes”
  • Repeat to 45 seconds with 5 seconds rest between “strokes”
  • Repeat to 1:00 with no rest between “strokes”

Stroke set

Standing in a square position with feet as wide as your shoulders, toes pointed forward. Body line (shoulders, hips and feet should all be vertically in line.)  At the portions of the “swim” where you bend, be sure to bend at the hips (not the waist) and keep the hip and shoulder and head in a horizontal line.

Stretch out your swim to fill the 1:00.  The goal is NOT to get done faster, the goal is to finish the “50” at the same mark each time.

  • 4 x “50” – Back to breast on 1:00

17 backstroke strokes, 14 breastroke strokes in 1:00 

  • 4 x 50 – Fly to back

15 fly strokes, 17 backstroke strokes in 1:00

  • 4 X 50 – Breast to free on 1:00

14 breastroke strokes, 15 freestyle strokes.