Class Descriptions

Waves Private Lessons

Class Levels/Descriptions

  1. Beginners (Squirt): 
    1. Water awareness/safety 
      1. Monkey Crawls
      2. Bobs
      3. Waiting (1,2,3 GO! Phrases)
    2. Getting Comfortable with the water 
      1. Alligator walks with purpose, chasing the toys, shoulder touches 
    3. Kicking on Back and Front 
      1. Assistance from the instructor 
    4. Floating with assistance on front and back
      1. Head on instructor shoulder 
      2. Arm down the back of the swimmer 
      3. Sing a song so they know the length of floating 
    5. Breath Holding/Underwater Progression
      1. Top
      2. Chin/Lips
      3. Nose
      4. Full Head
    6. Rolling over with help when they get tired
      1. Hand swooping, instructor helps to get the motion 
  2. Level 1: Nemo
    1. Comfortable with the water 
      1. Barbell
      2. Kicking on the wall 
      3. Bobs
    2. Introducing Exploring underwater
      1. Collecting Rings 
    3. Kicking on Front and Back with less assistance 
      1. Glides to the Instructor
    4. Jumping in and returning to the wall or instructor
      1. Instructor grabs the swimmer and positions to return 
    5. Introducing elementary to arm circles 
    6. Rolling over 
      1. Fins
  3. Level 2: Bubbles 
    1. Floating, roll overs without instructor assistance 
      1. Fins
      2. Instructors standing at the head but do not touch 
    2. Propelling thru the water 
      1. Streamline
      2. Front and back 
    3. Rhythmic Breathing is introduced 
      1. Instructor will hold the hips help guide the swimmer up 
    4. Elementary Strokes 
      1. Swimmer will try arm circles for a length of time (15 yards) unassisted 
  4. Level 3: Crush 
    1. Perfecting the strokes learned previously 
    2. Introduction to competitive breaststroke and butterfly kick and stroke
    3. Dives deep end
    4. Treading water 
    5. Breathing timing and correct motion 
  5. Level 4: Dory (precompetitive) 
    1. Introducing the 25’s
    2. Perfecting the breathing without rolling over
    3. Combining the 4 competitive strokes together