Bronze Group


-       Ages 6 & up

-       Must be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle & backstroke

-       Semi-proficient in butterfly and breaststroke

-       Begin attending swim meets when legal in all 4 strokes



-       3 days/week, 1 hr/session

-       Athletes should aim to make a minimum of 2 practices/week



-       Fun, and learning are the primary objectives

-       Technique development in all 4 strokes

-       Learn correct breathing techniques

-       Balance & feel for the water

-       Basic introduction of basic swimming skills are taught through progressive drills


Performance Goals

-       Stroke technique

-       Body position and balance in the water

-       Develop legal swimming in all 4 strokes

-       Prepare for Silver Group

-       Enjoy the sport!


Educational Objectives

-       Introduce drills for all strokes

-       Learn basic practice etiquette

-       Learn the “language” of the sport

-       Begin basic pace clock understanding


Group Dynamics

-       Gain confidence in one’s swimming

-       Learn to love the best sport out there

-       Respect the coaching staff

-       Love being a Sea Dragon!