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Tuesday, 6/9/2020


June 9, 2020- check out this day in 1969Also on this day, we had the first appearance of Donald Duck, Johnny Depp was born, and Charles Dickens past. 

1: Single Sentence Prompt: Whether you are writing or just finishing the thought in your head, I hope this is giving all the people that read it a moment to reflect on something positive!
Today's Prompt is: To me, Joy tasts like.... 

2: Today's #PASADailyChallenge! is the #PASAOreoCookieChallenge! Put an Oreo on your forehead and slide it down your face to your mouth with out touching it and time (and film) your effort  ! Post a video of your best effort (or mulitple!) as well as your time and don't forget to tag @PASADKS and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics in your post!

3: Weekly Schedule: I apologize about yesterday!
Tuesday: Book Club (4-5pm) - we will be discussing the final chapters, watching videos, and discussing workouts! MID: 
 879 8056 2561, PW: 197678
Wednesday: Virtual Dryland (4-5p)- Check out the Everathlete Site HERE

Wednesday:  Inspiration w/ Coach Bruce -  (5-6pm) Coach Bruce goes though his cross country biking trip and talks about following dreams and achieving goals.
Friday:  Virtual Dryland (4-5p)- Check out the Everathlete Site HERE
Team Bonding Time (5-6p)- Have fun, participate in games and stay connected!
Saturday: Team Breakfast (8-9am)

4: Family Land Workout: Typically Tuesdays are for Yoga, but since I did not send a workout yesterday, I will send a workout today and if you did a workout, click on one of our Yoga Links 
Warm Up:
Jump Rope Warm Up: 

3 rds: 50 forward jumps, 25 backwards, 25 right leg, 25 left leg, 50 running ropes, 30s handstand hold
Main Workout:
8 minutes: 20s Burpees,10s rest, 20s squat jumps,10s rest
6 minutes: 20s push ups, 10s rest, 20s air squats, 10s rest
4 minutes: 20s hollow rock, 10s rest, 20 v ups, 10s rest
6 minutes: 20s push ups, 10s rest, 20s air squats, 10s rest
8 minutes: 20s Burpees,10s rest, 20s squat jumps,10s rest

5: Water Workout: We are working towards offering private lessons through the coaching staff, but we need to move slowly so that we can continue to move. Please be patient and wait to hear from the coaches, but know we are trying to move forward. 
Warm Up: (1600)
300 swim, 200 kick, 3x100 IM, 200 Swim, 100 Kick, 2x100 IM, 100 swim, 100 scull, 100 IM
Main Set: 
3 rounds (1800)
4x25 kick fast at 10sr
3x100 desc 1-3 @ +10
1x200 IM (dolphin kick instead of Fly)
100 Warm Down (3500)