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Thursday, 6/11

June 11, 2020- On this day, Jurassic Park opens as does American Idol, the only escape from alcatraz occurs, and Joe Montana was born!

1: Single Sentence Prompt for the day: When I step into the sun, I feel....

2: Today's #PASADailyChallenge! is the #PASAPopularDanceMoveChallenge! How smooth are your moves? Do a popular dance move (e.g. Moonwalk, Gangnam style, Macarena) to its respective tune!  Make sure that you tag your site and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics in your post and remember, it is the effort that counts!

3: Upcoming Events: 
Friday: Virtual Dryland (4-5pm) and Team Bonding Event (5-6pm)
Saturday: Team Breakfast (8-9am)

4: Water Workout:
Warm up: 5 Rounds (increase the number of 100s each round, i.e. rd 2 is 2x100, rd3 is 3x100, etc.)
4x 25 kick at 10sr
1x100 @ +5
Main Set: 3-4 rounds 
1x75 Fr @+5 Long, but you should get a little winded
1x25 AFAP IM order or Stroke by Rd
1x150 Fr at +10 (long, with a little push)
1x50 AFAP IM order or stroke by rd
w/d 6x50 asc 1-3, desc breathing 1-3

5: Land Workout:
Warm Up:
Jump rope Warm Up: 3 rounds: 
50 forward, 30 backward, 30 right leg only, 30 left leg only, as many double unders as possible in 1 min, 45s plank.
Main Set: 5 rounds
5 inverted push ups (hand standChairPike)
10 single leg squats (5 each leg)
5 push ups
20 single leg deadlifts (10 each leg)