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Wednesday, 6/3/2020

June 3, 2020- I am a little late today! Sorry! On this Day, Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody goes Gold, Rafeal Nadal was born and Muhammad Ali passed. 

As we have all heard, pools in Santa Clara County can open starting Friday (6/5). At this point, we are starting with Member Only access to FHCC. Our first availability to swim will be in the form of lessons, which we will release on Saturday at the earliest, please do not email in advance of this as we are still working things out and do not have the answers yet. As many of you know, the County guidelines are still extremely restrictive, we can still not have more than 1 swimmer/ lane unless they are from the same household. We will be as creative as possible to work on this, but please be patient and give us a chance to come up with some solutions. 

1: Today's 1 sentence prompt is: Today I felt successful when I.... Remember, just 1 sentence or just 1 thought and you've succeeded! 

2: Today's #PASADailyChallenge! is the #PASANotMyArmsChallenge! Find a partner and put on a big Tshirt. The front person can not use their hands, but can only use their voice to tell their arms what to do. You can make a sandwich or put on make up up! Once you have your amazing video (or several) tag your site and @PaloAltoStanfordAquatics in your video and remember, it is the process that count!

3: Remeber that we have Virtual Dryland today, but we have moved to a subscription platform with EverAthlete- click HERE for more inforamtion. 

4: Coach Bruce used Coach's Eye to breakdown an EPIC 400IM, one of the best of all time! Check it out HERE!

5: Family Land Workout:
Warm Up: Jump Rope Warm Up
3 rounds 
50 forward jumps
25 backwards
20 left leg only
20 right leg only
50 running ropes

30s Hollow hold
Main Workout:
7 rounds
14 Box Jumps (you can jump to anything solid, or you can do step ups onto a chair)
7 Burpees
1 30s handstand hold 

6: Now that some people are gaining more access to pool we will start including water workouts that can be adjusted for different levels and people can take with them to their pools
Warm Up:
100 @ 15SR (25 breathing ever 3 strokes, 25 breathing every 5 strokes, 25 breathing every 7, 25 scull)
4x25 kick
Main Set all at  3 rounds at 10SR between everything
50 Scull no kick
100 IM
50 Scull no kick
150 Bk/Fr/Bk
50 Scull no kick
200 IM (dolphin kick on first 50, triple kick on breaststroke)
Warm Down
4x50 lowest possible stroke count