Practice Groups

What is the "High School" Swimmer Group?

A few parents have asked for clarification of the definition of the "High School" swim group. The EAST leadership provides the following definition which will be included in the next revision of the EAST Handbook.

The "High School" swimmer group is the same as the "Senior" swim group with regard to training time and training objectives, except a financial discount is provided to swimmers who are on their high school swim team. The team leadership elected to provide this discount to team members that are on their high school swim team, as they are training in the pool for approximately the same amount of time that they would otherwise be training with EAST, and are on track to achieve similar swimming goals as they would be if they were swimming with EAST full time. The amount of the discount was based on the approximate length of the local high school swim team seasons.

Many of us at EAST have busy schedules, and we recognize that there are times when the team's training schedule may conflict with the other activities of our swimmers. Nevertheless, we also recognize that our schedules and the activities in which we participate are a personal choice. Therefore, please recognize that we cannot always accommodate everyone's schedule, nor can we offer discounts for schedule conflicts or partial participation beyond what we have offered for high school swimmers.

Please recognize that each swimmer, whether or not they attend all practice sessions, take a roster spot on the team.  Roster spots are limited, and we can only accommodate a certain number of registered swimmers in each group.  Our team structure is built around a predetermined number of registered full-time swimmers.  EAST is a competitive swim team. We have built our team philosophy, training system, and budget around full time swimmers. Our team training fees, discounts (high school swimmer discount, advanced payment discount), and financial aid program are based on a range of full time swimmers. No further training fee discounts will be offered as it would impact our business strategy and may potentially conflict with our team goals and objectives.