Volunteer Points

Metro Aquatics Boosters

“Actively supporting our athletes as they reach for the stars.”

Metro Aquatics Boosters provides essential equipment, training, travel and logistic support for our swimmers and coaches. Metro Aquatics Boosters could not provide this support for our swimmers, without our dedicated family volunteers.

While service is not required, each family with an athlete in the Explorers, Challengers, Achievers, or Sectional groups is expected to contribute three ways each year:

First, each family is expected to work two shifts during all home swim meets. This may be two people working one session or one person working two sessions.  Athletes may fulfill this obligation for their family.

Second, each family is expected to fulfill 10 volunteer "points." Different jobs have different point amounts. The annual expectation is a minimum of ten points. We understand that many families will work many more than ten, and appreciate that and hope it continues. We especially appreciate and encourage athlete volunteer participation.

Third, each family is expected to donate food and/or supplies whenever possible.  This is mostly asked for at our home swim meets.

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