About our Program

Lake Washington Masters was formed in 2009 and is a high quality masters swimming program which provides training for all levels of masters swimming, including swimmers who wish to compete at both a local and national or international level.  The members vary in background from fitness/social swimmers to Olympic medalists.   As of 2014, there are a total  of 100 members with about 80 active members at all times.  The LWM group is considered very competitive and this is reflected in the training in workouts.



You can group our members (generally) into 3 categories

·       Someone with a big swim background who swims a lot and goes to all the meets

·       Someone who has very little swimming background and comes to many practices and a couple meets a year

·       Someone who has a swimming background (high school/college) but lost interest & burned out, came back to masters to stay in shape, comes when they want and loves the social aspect of the team.


Our team includes several world, national and PNA record holders in all age groups, as well as many Zone and PNA record holders and numerous National Title winners. In addition, LWM has two PNA Dawn Musselman Inspirational Swimmer award winners from 2013 and 2014, and the 2012 PNA Coach of the Year.  As a whole, LWM won the team title in 2014 and 2015 at PNA Championships.  Several of our swimmers were part of the 2014 USMS Spring National Championship team from Puget Sound Masters. 



 Workouts are run by an ASCA/USMS/Lifeguard certified coach who is on-deck during the entire practice.  Workouts vary with distance work, sprints and stroke work depending on the day of the week and the time of the season. Each day is different.  Workouts can combine many of the following and more: IM, freestyle, sprint, kick, drill, distance, sculling and strokes. Each week there are 2 constants in workout, Friday is Fast Friday, meaning off the blocks, and Saturday usually offers a sprint set as well as the longest, fastest, and hardest workout of the week.  If it is your first time joining us, be sure to check with the coach before coming to a Friday or Saturday workout.

Sets are given verbally and the coach is available to provide feedback on technique to help the swimmers improve. Lanes are organized by speed and total distance.  Our group ranges in practice pace from 1:05/100 yards to 2:30+/100 yards.  To put it simply, we have a something for everyone.  There are 11 workouts each week, 5 mornings, 5 mid-days, and 1 Saturday workout. Check the calendar for more specifics on current workout times

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