Open Tryout

As PDST has 12 different groups reflecting various swimming levels and tailored to the different training levels and needs, 

it would be best to arrange a tryout to find out which group your swimmer(s) can fit into PDST training groups. 

PDST 2022-2023 season open tryouts are scheduled so far as: 



Mary Wayte Pool (MW):

8815 SE 40th St. Mercer Island, WA 98040

Time: TBD


The tryout should only take about 5-10 min and then we can adequately tell you which group your kid can fit in with related joining information. 

There is a reminder that tryout time may be adjusted if more than one parent chose the same tryout time. Please fulfill the tryout form and bring it to me at the poolside. There will be 5-10 min communication with the coach about the PDST program after the tryout.

Also, more PDST related info can be found at

Group training concepts can be found on the link below: