Practice Concept

Our each practice season starts in early September and ends after PNS Long Course Championshipat the end of July for a total of 11 months. 

Each season, PDST has 2 breaks for the swimmers and their families each. Usually, the winter break is during Christmas-New Year holiday period and a spring break is in early April, in sync with Bellevue School District Spring Break schedule.

PDST practice groups are organized primarily by ability levels with six practice groups: Pre-Comp, Developmental Group, Novice Group, Age Group, Regional Group and Advanced Group. There will be swimming specific dry-land trainings each week supervised by the coach and, of course, the in-water practice. There can be different practices set for each swimmer or a sub-group of swimmers within the group. Sufficient practice time for each swimmer is vital, and we encourage our swimmers to attend all practices each week.

For detailed practice time, please see practice schedule under "Calendars".