Nothing has a greater influence on the quality of children’s sports than the excellence of the coaching. Unfortunately, well qualified and knowledgeable youth coaches are hard to find.

PDST coaches are the cornerstone of our swimming program. Our coaches are experienced national level coaches as well as a competitive swimmers from youth. Both Coach PeiYong Li and Coach XiaoWei Xu were either national or provincial champions during their competitive swimming era in China. Following university graduation specializing in physical education and coaching, they became excellent and proven swimming coaches with demonstrated ability to identify, teach, develop, and train swimmers of various ages and ability levels through their 30 years of swimming coaching career in China. Their consistent deep understanding and caring attitude towards their swimmers have been the keys to the successes in their careers. In addition, Coach PeiYong Li and Coach Ren Xu are also experienced managers. Both gained their respective managing experience through professional training and through their work in China and in US. Their management skills will provide our team with a sound foundation in operation and in turn provide a positive, well-organized training environment for the team. 

The coaching staff defines success as improvement in four areas; positive attitude, effort, skill mastery, and time improvement for each swimmer. We believe that there are no good or bad swimmers, but rather many swimmers who are at different levels of development. Our aim is to provide a successful developmental experience for all who enter our team.