The practice groups are structured to be low key and developmental in the younger groups and more competitive in the older groups. We look for long term development for our swimmers at their careers and peak in high school and college, where national trips and scholarships can be earned. The program is designed to allow more free time for other activities early in their careers. Swimmers and their families in the older groups are asked for more dedication to the sport, as this is necessary to compete at a higher level.

2021-2022 Group Standard & Requirement:

Fly-fish Pre Group

Pre-com Group

Developmental Group

Novice Group

Age Group

Regional Group

Advance Group1 & 2:

Advanced Group 1 & 2:
Continue the practice guidelines from the Regional Group.

These two groups will enter more systematic, intensive, and advanced practices based on carefully monitored swimmers’ physical condition, standardized stroke techniques. Both groups will continue to focus on deploying correct stroke techniques in each set of practice to raise the swimmers’ technical foundation and distance endurance. Strive to provide a demanding and comprehensive training program for the swimmers will be a goal in this group. 

Swimmers who have a positive attitude and a definite goal (like PNS Champ time), hard-working attitude with the potential to achieve it will be considered to enroll these two groups. 

To further refine the training environment and to max the good outcome, 

Adv1 will enroll swimmers at a younger age but have already shown swimming potential and positive performance. 

Adv2 will enroll swimmers at an older age. The coach group will help the swimmers to define the training objectives and monitor the progress.

Swimmers from either groups who show excellent training ability or potential will have the opportunity to move up to the Senior group.


Senior Group

High school 1 &2 Group