Online Meet Entries
Online Meet Entries
1) A meet is added to the BBST calendar on the website and an invitation email is sent to families. 

Select one of the following three options for starting the procedure:

  1. (1) On the home page, scroll down to the bottom-right box, “Upcoming Events”; click on “Attend this Event.” 
  2. (2) On the “Meets & Events” page, click on “Attend this Event” under the event you want to enter. 
  3. (3) Wait to receive an email link that will take you directly to the meet-entry webpage.


  • Click the member name you want to enter.
  • Select the drop-down to enter the athlete "Yes, please sign [swimmer] up for this event."
  • Include any athlete availability restrictions in the “notes” box; if your swimmer cannot be present for certain sessions or for periods of certain sessions, please specify those sessions or those periods in the box. This prevents our entering your swimmer in sessions/events for which he/she cannot be present and allows us to plan for relays.
  • Request events (optional) if there are certain events your athlete particularly wants to swim. For meets that do not offer event selection, use the “notes” box to request events. If there is a compelling reason for entering the athlete in the event requested, please include that in the “notes” box. Our default mode is to enter the athlete in all sessions for which he or she qualifies and will be available. Please list availability restrictions in the “notes” box if you prefer only specific sessions or periods of specific sessions.
  • Click “submit” at the bottom of the page. 
  • Families with more than one swimmer must complete the above steps for each athlete.
  • Look for the preliminary meet entries, which will be emailed and posted for your review. Notify Coach Todd of discrepancies or errors immediately. Final meet entries will be emailed within a few days.
  • Once the entries have been sent to the meet host, you will be billed for your entry in the meet regardless of whether your swimmer participates. (The only exception to this is if we have made a mistake in the entry. Entry mistakes, yours or ours, can be prevented by your careful screening of the initial meet entries.) The meet-entry charges will appear on your next monthly email invoice and will be due by the 1st of the following month along with your swim team dues.
2) Please be certain to register for the correct meet and day(s)/session(s). We often have multiple meets up simultaneously, and it is easy to inadvertently enter the wrong meet. As well, if there is more than one day or if there are two sessions on a given day, be certain you have selected the correct days/sessions and noted any availability restrictions in the note box. If there is no note to the contrary, we will assume your athlete is available for both days and enter accordingly.
3) If event selection is possible, complete this aspect if you choose. The coaches will make the final determination on event selection. However, if you have a specific event you would like to swim, note that in the comments box so that we can try to accommodate your request. Also, if you have compelling reasons for requesting a particular event, e.g., seeking a Time Standard (PNS Champs, etc.), please advise us accordingly.
5) Per event fees should be listed on the online event selection. Fees are usually $3 per event with an $8 surcharge. Championship or Special meets usually cost more.
6) Once you are entered, you will be responsible for the cost of those events regardless of whether or not you actually attend.
7) If you must cancel before the registration deadline, please go back online to un-register the athlete.