Blackfish Challenge

 The Blackfish Challenge 

We are replacing our annual Swim-a-thon with the "Blackfish Challenge" an event challenging each swimmers mental & physical stamina. It will be a fun team building event.
This year the event will be hosted at Lake Padden on  August, 2020 .
Remember that 100% of donations may be tax deductible, and receipts with the team's tax ID are available to download.
Donations can be made by check or Pay Pal.
Please mail checks to BBST, PO Box 5821, Bellingham, WA 98227
Pay Pal donations can be made securely from the BBST home page - just remember to include a note as to what swimmer the donation is for.
Current Fundraising Totals
Matvey Gofman $660
Slava Gofman $660
Derek Jones $545
Gavin Jones $525
Dylan Fisk $375
Wyatt Carlton $300
Grace Sorenson $260
Hailey Ferrell $190
Ariel Fuhrman $100
Logan Fuhrman $100
Haley Cleveland $100
Layla Cleveland $100
Ellary Boyd $100
Ivan Potapova $100
Payton Taylor $100
Priyanka Costanzo $100
Owen Reid $100
Laoise Seltz $100
Tessa Ciatti $100
Michael Ciatti $100
Lena Decuir $100
Soren Decuir $100
Braedon Loeffelholz $100
Yaroslav Sokolovskiy $100
Samantha Furre $100
Liam Daheim $100
Scotty  Li $100
Sierra Marshall $100
Marley Lotts $35