Blackfish Challenge

 The Blackfish Challenge 

 We are replacing our annual Swim-a-thon with the "Blackfish Challenge" an event challenging each swimmers mental & physical stamina. It will be a fun team building event.
The event will be hosted on Friday April 19, 2019. Remember that 100% of donations may be tax deductible, and receipts with the team's tax ID will be included in the packet. Payments can be made by check, cash or Paypal.

Need additional sponsorship forms or tax receipts?  Download them from here:
Please feel free to contact Stephanie Vera (Korbin's mom), the Blackfish Challenge Lead, should you have any questions: (559) 430-9080 and

Current Fundraising Totals

Matvey Gofman $460.00
Rostislav Gofman $460.00
Kaleb Ryckman $315.00
Ellary Boyd $310.00
Korbin Vera $300.00
June Wilson $300.00
Hayden Nelson $300.00
Jazzy Nelson $300.00
Payton Taylor $300.00
Ivan Potapov $280.00
Noah Chen $275.00
Nathan Chen $275.00
Gavin Jones $275.00
Derek Jones $275.00
Eliza Geist $250.00
Peyton Accord $250.00
Joey  Slesk $250.00
Mattias Brand $250.00
Sophia Amundgaard $165.00
Logan Fuhrman $140.00
Grace Sorenson $140.00
Ariel Fuhrman $120.00
Alex Fuhrman $120.00
Ansley Hardy $100.00
Owen Reid $41.00
Mina Palmer $40.00