Senior A Commitment





    I, ________________, request the opportunity to train with the 

        Swimmer’s Name

Senior “A” Group.  In asking to join this training group, I understand that the program is designed for highly motivated swimmers who want to improve and reach their potential.  In requesting to join this Group, I make the following commitments:


  1. I will attend all scheduled Senior “A” Group practices.  I understand that I can be excused from practice if I obtain permission to miss practice from Coach Sinclair prior to missing the practice.  (Illness, injury, doctor appointments and family vacations are all valid reasons if provided before practice.  If a swimmer’s absences affect the training of the group, or the potential of the particular athlete, the swimmer may be reassigned.) 


  1. I will be on time to all scheduled practices.  I understand that arriving late to practice disrupts the training of others and will not be tolerated.  


  1. I want to improve as a swimmer and agree to follow Coach Sinclair’s instructions regarding my training and that participation in the Senior “A” training Group is a year-round commitment to excellence. 


  1. I will maintain a positive attitude toward training and will not be a chronic complainer about the training required.  (Participation in this program is optional and if you do not agree with it, it is recommended that you request reassignment with the BBST Senior “B” Training Group.)


  1. I will do my assigned training sets to the best of my ability.  I will not cheat on practice sets.  I will not interfere with another swimmer’s practice. I understand that stopping and walking on the bottom in the middle of workout sets is not a good practice habit and interferes with other swimmers.  If during a practice set it becomes necessary to stop, I will move to the end of the pool, get out, and resume practice when I am ready.  


  1. I will display respect to my fellow swimmers and all coaches.  I will not use profanity in or around the pool environment.


  1. I will do my best to maintain a positive attitude toward my sport, my team, my training and my coaches.  I understand that training is hard and is done better in a positive environment.  And that any negative comments, including jokes, may hurt someone where I least expect it.  I will encourage my teammates.


  1. I will follow a positive code of conduct while participating in the Senior “A” practices and BBST meets.  


  1. I understand that if I fail in any of these commitments, I may not be permitted to practice at that practice session and, depending on the seriousness of the breach or chronic nature of the breaches, I may be reassigned to another training group.




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                  Swimmer                                   Parent