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The CAAT Board and its coaching staff want to promote an open dialog with the CAAT Membership. If you have any comments or concerns, we encourage you to contact s board at so we can continue to improve the quality of our program.

You can contact CAAT by mail at:

Central Area Aquatic Team
PO Box 22564
Seattle, WA 98122
For questions regarding:
Coaching Staff Email Addresses: Coaches request that parents contact them by email and set up a phone call appointment or chat time if you like to discuss your swimmer's  or parent questions or issues.  Please contact your coaches at the following email addresses: 
Central Site
Lead Coach for CAATFish: Ameena Bouzerktoune
Lead Coach for Stroke Development:  Luke Stocker
Lead Coach for Age Group:  Luke Stocker
Lead Coach for Fitness: David Rodriguez
Lead Coach for Age Group Performance:  Maki Moore
Lead Coach for Senior:  Kieran Schaefer
Lead Coach for Performance: Ken Spencer 
Tukwila Site
Lead Coach for CAATFish: Eric Kress
Lead Coach for Stroke Development:  Eric Kress
Lead Coach for Age Group:  Eve Ruiz
Lead Coach for Age Group Performance:  LeAnne McClaskey
Lead Coach for Senior:  LeAnne McClaskey
Mercer Island Site
Lead Coach for all groups: Sean Tento