Pool Closures

Please see our SITE CALENDAR for specific closure dates that we are aware of.  Please note, there are times we find out about a closure in a moment's notice.  Most closures are just for a day, like when the pool is hosting a high school swim meet.  Occasionally, we experience more impactful pool closures, like for major renovations, which last for weeks and months.  Unfortunately, major closures often experience delays and extensions. 

For all pool closures, we do our best to find another suitable pool for impacted swimmers to practice and may have to shuffle groups/share lanes at our other sites.  We appreciate your patience and understanding when dealing with a pool closure, very important we all remain positive and do our part to help the TEAM when called upon during all times of hardship and adversity.

Current Limited Closure

Shoreline Pool will be closed March 6, 2020, thru May 2020.

Major Closures Scheduled

Ballard Pool will be closed Dec 2, 2019, until re-open date is announced.

Evans Pool will be closed May 1, 2020, until October.