Meet Job Descriptions

Timer - The timers are an integral part of the swim meet. Timers should come prepared to get a little wet!  Timers time each heat/event and record the times.

Head Timer – Prepares/passes out lane clipboards and watches to timers, oversees timers during the meet, starts two watches at the start of each race as back-up for timers.  Some experienced Head Timers will run a short Timers meeting at the start of the meet (this is not required).

Colorado Timing Equipment Operator – Colorado Timing system is an automatic timing system that we use at many of our meets.  The system links the starting buzzer with the touch pads in the pool which provides the most accurate timing for a race.  The Operator is responsible for ensuring the system is operating correctly and that accurate times are being recorded.  For each race they are making sure the system starts correctly and each turn and finish are recorded.  Following each race they will verify times before send the print out with the Time Sheet Runner to the Computer Lead.

Computer Operator – Assists the Administrative Official with meet manager. Compiles the meet results by importing results from Colorado Timing System, checking/correcting discrepancies with lane time sheets, and inputting DQs.  They also generate labels for ribbons and posts meet results.  The computer team is located in the office where it is usually quiet.

Time Sheet Runner - Collects time sheets from all lanes, timing system print-out, and DQ slip at the end of each event and brings them to the computer team. They get to walk around the meet and helps with other things as time permits.

Clerk of Course Lead – The Clerk of Course facilitates all deck entries, this includes lane assignment, money collection, and notification of the computer team and the Meet Ref.  The Clerk of Course also helps to facilitate positive check-ins, swimmer scratches, and award distribution.

Clerk of Course Help – Assists Clerk of Course Lead.

Meet Marshall - Responsible for ensuring spectators/parents remain outside the competition area, that safe practices are followed on deck, that cell phones/cameras are not used behind blocks or locker rooms.

Announcer – Announces event and heat prior to the start of each race.  Gives first, second and third calls for upcoming events and make general announcements over the PA system.

Stager – Lines young swimmers up by event/heat/lane and escorts them to the starting area. 

Heat Winner Awards - Gives small award to the winner of each heat.