Practice Groups



Tier 1

T1 Swimmers should be comfortable with at least the freestyle stroke. They can swim for 45 minutes without extended breaks and will be open to learning the remaining strokes that they perhaps do not have a grasp of. Competition is not expected of this group but they are preparing for that day.


Tier 2

T2 swimmers are ready to demonstrate four legal strokes in practice, but may not be ready for full meet competition. These swimmers are comfortable with roughly 1400 yards of work each practice.


Tier 3

T3 swimmers are the first group of swimmers that competition is expected of and can demonstrate all four strokes legally.  They are expected to attend all 3 practices offered during the week. The Tier 3 group also starts to introduce Dryland Training to their practice regimen.  They are welcome to come to all Dryland practices offered, but are expected to come to at least 1 per week.  This group can handle an hour long workout easily and will be expected to swim around 2000 yards. 


Tier 4 & 5

T4/T5 swimmers are our most elite groups, they vary only in the number of practices a week that they attend. The yardage they swim will be around 3500 a practice and they work in IM almost always.  All Dryland practices are expected at this level. These groups are expected to compete in most if not all meets and compete at Y state with the intention of qualifying for Y regionals.

Tier 6

Along with the expectations of the T5 swimmers, T6 swimmers commit to practicing five times a week along with ALL dry land conditioning and attendance at all or almost all swim meets. Swimming is a priority for the T6 Group and athletes likely do not participate in other sports during the season. Athletes in T6 learn all the same skills as the T5 group but will be challenged to complete their sets at a faster pace and develop their racing strategy further. T6 will be strongly encouraged to try every event in a swim meet during the season.


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