Swim Referral Prog


The Evergreen Swim Club Swimmer Referral Program

back by popular demand 

If you recruit a swimmer to join our team, and they stick with it for at least one full month, you'll get $25 off your next month dues!! adopted 7/2012

This is a great opportunity to get your classmates, friends, neighbors, high school teammates, lesson mates, or family members in the pool with you, and save you money! 

Just have the swimmer put your name on the swimmer registration form, and we'll get you credit for it on your invoice.  As with everything in life, there is some fine print.... 

  1. Unfortunately, we can't make this retroactive, but it will be active from this point forward. 
  2. Only one swimmer can get credit for the referral. 
  3. Obviously they would need to pass the swim test to be included on the team.

This is a great opportunity to bring new friends, new faces, and new challenges to our growing club, and we look forward to continuing the positive environment that has defined our team.