Senior Group Info

Senior Group

As senior swimmers, athletes in this group have fulfilled all the requirements of the previous groups. They have made a year-round or seasonal commitment to swimming, and a commitment to maintain fitness and skills during time off.  This group is looking to take their swimming from the senior level to the sectional, junior national, and national level.

The goals for senior swimmers are the same as all other groups; improvement.   Improve all stroke techniques, improve attendance, improve athletic skills, improve endurance, improve motivation and team work, and improve the understanding and opportunities within the sport of swimming. 

Swimmers in this group should maintain a 90% or better attendance.  Please discuss missed practices with coach to promote training continuity.

 Meets attended by the Senior Group but not limited to; Washington State Champs, PNS Champs, Washington Open, Speedo Championship Series, Junior Nationals, US Open...

Training Focus and Goals for Senior Team:

·         Set and achieve personal short and long term goals for swimming with parents/guardians and coaches to encourage enjoyment of swimming with longevity in the sport

·         Achieve Senior Sectional time standards

·        Achieve Junior National time standards

·         Continue developing skills, fitness, and motivation emphasizing all events

·         Participate in coach recommended meets

·         Take responsibility for own actions and swimming results

·         Contribute to a positive team and training environment

·         Realize actions outside the pool need to reflect goals in the pool

·          Communicate constructively with coaches and team mates

·         Maintain club responsibilities; volunteering, fundraising

·          Make lasting relationships with club members

·         Be a team player; maintain a positive attitude, encourage teammates, sit with teammates at swim meets, lead team cheers, and wear team gear at swim meets.

  This guide designed to give an idea of what is expected of the senior group. The coaches at Evergreen Swim club will work tirelessly within this template to ensure that each swimmer is getting the best training available to suit his or her goals and needs. Some swimmers may not meet every criterion for advancement. However, based on many factors such as fitness level, age, maturity, group cohesion and attendance coaches may place swimmers in a more or less advanced group if it is more beneficial to the swimmer.