Blue Group Info

Blue Group:  

Swimmers in the Blue group continue to build on the foundation from the Red group. More advance drills, training sets, and demands for better technique to develop speed are emphasized in the Blue group as well as a further advancement of fitness. Some focus will be put on learning of and qualifying for meets with time standards. Swimmers will be expected to swim every event over the course of a season. It is recommended to attend at least 4 practices a week to see marked improvements. Practice yardage is from 1500-6000 depending on time of season. For swimmers just entering this level participation in other sports such as, but not limited to, dance, basketball, and soccer is encouraged. As swimmers begin to advance from this group focusing on swimming and greater attendance is encouraged for maximum improvement.


Training Focus and Goals in Blue Group for advancement:
· Set and achieve personal goals with parents/guardians and coaches to encourage enjoyment of swimming with longevity in the sport
· Further develop all skills from Red group
· Gain fitness and skills comparable to those in Senior Development
· Develop and maintain friendships with training partners
· Communicate positively and effectively with coach
· Achieve at least three 14 and under PNS time standards (this is for advancement; younger swimmers will focus on their respective age group and improve from there)
· Take responsibility for own actions and swimming results
· Maintain 5 practices a week attendance
· Continue to develop all strokes and all events
· Manage effort and intensity during practice
· Increase ability to use pace clock during practice
· Learn racing strategies
· Demonstrate good practice habits; remembering water bottles, bringing and picking up equipment, lane etiquette rules
· Maintain club responsibilities; volunteering, fundraising etc.
· Contribute to a positive team environment
· Develop and maintain friendships with training partners
· Be a team player; maintain a positive attitude, encourage teammates, sit with teammates at swim meets, participate in team cheers, and wear team gear at swim meets.

Performance Measures; short course yards

Blue Group

·       20x50 freestyle on :50

·       20x25 breast stroke on :50

·       20x25 butterfly on :50

·       20x25 back stroke on :50

·       200 butterfly under 3:00

·       200 back stroke under 3:00

·       200 breast stroke under 3:10

·       1650 freestyle all flip turns no counter 

This guide designed to give an idea of what is expected of the blue group and a criteria for advancement. The coaches at Evergreen Swim club will work tirelessly within this template to ensure that each swimmer is getting the best training available to suit his or her goals and needs. Some swimmers may not meet every criterion for advancement. However, based on many factors such as fitness level, age, maturity, group cohesion and attendance coaches may place swimmers in a more or less advanced group if it is more beneficial to the swimmer and the respective training group as a whole.