Green Group Info

Green Group: ages 6 and up

To enter this level, a swimmer must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Green group

1.  Be able to swim a 50 yard freestyle(2 laps of the pool) without stopping while keep their face in the water and side breathing. 

2.  Be able to swim a 25 yard backstroke(1 lap of the pool) without stopping while using straight arms

3.  Have a verbal understanding of the Butterfly stroke and Breastsroke.

4.  Must be able to push off of the wall and glide for 5 yards maintaining a streamline body position.

5.  Must wear appropriate swimming gear such as a jammer or brief(boys) and a one piece(girls).  Please bring goggles and a swim cap(if needed).

This group is a fun introduction to competitive swimming.  

Training Focus and Goals in Green group for advancement:

· Gain an introductory knowledge of and skill proficiency in the four competition strokes

· Participate in swim meets

·  Gain fitness comparable to those in Red

· Have ability to pay attention and receive instruction from coach for the entire practice

· Be a team player; maintain a positive attitude, encourage teammates, sit with teammates at swim meets, participate in team cheers, and wear team gear at swim meets.

Performance measures; short course yards

Green Group

  • 3x100 IM: competition-correct starts turns and strokes
  • 200 free with flip turns and streamlines
  • 4x25 of each stroke on :45
  • 5x 50 kick on 2:10   (4x50 IM order + 1x50 choice)
  • 3x 50 butterfly on 1:30
  • 3x50 back stroke on 1:30
  • 3x50 breast stroke on 1:30
  • 6x50 freestyle on 1:20
  • Consistently review swim lessons practices
  • Look ahead to next groups performance measures

This guide designed to give an idea of what is expected of the bronze group and a criteria for advancement. The coaches at Evergreen Swim club will work tirelessly within this template to ensure that each swimmer is getting the best training available to suit his or her goals and needs. Some swimmers may not meet every criterion for advancement. However, based on many factors such as fitness level, age, maturity, group cohesion and attendance coaches may place swimmers in a more or less advanced group if it is more beneficial to the swimmer and the respective training group as a whole.