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ESC Hosted Meets: 

October 7-8, 2017

December 2-3 2017

January 27-28, 2018

February 23-25, 2018




Wow! Can you believe that it takes approximately 45 volunteers per session to make a swim meet happen?  Honestly, this adds up to much more than the required 20 hour volunteer minimum, so we greatly appreciate those who go beyond their 20 hours! THANK YOU!!!

Don’t know what to volunteer for? Hopefully the following information will answer some if not all of your questions.

Volunteer List
*Meet Referee-Governs overall meet
*Starter- Begins the meet
Announcer-Announces events (first call, event 1, heat 2)
Competition Director-
Receives entries from other teams, loads in to meet manager and on day of meet, runs timing system
Timing System Operators -
Operates timing system and computers (when your swimmer touches the touch pad, this feeds info. to the timing panel where the operators can make sure the time is accurate and print out results)
Meet Director-
Is on deck the entire meet, directing volunteers and trouble shoots to make the meet run as efficiently as possible
Stroke & Turn Officials-
Have the duties of watching swimmers at start, turns and finishes of race and will determine any disqualification of swimmers.
Clerk of Course-
Swimmers and coaches check in with these volunteers for positive deck entries and for coach’s packages
Head Timer-
Coordinates timers on day of meet, explains to timers how to use stop watches and touch panel button, works two stop watches to be used for back up of timers, if error occurs.
Two timers per lane, one timer will work stop watch and touch pad button, the other will work stop watch and write down times. Be prepared to get a little wet!
This position entails collecting the results from the system operators and collating the different ribbons and placing the results on back.
Heat Runners   
Collects heat cards from timers and forwards to systems operators
Hospitality This room is for officials only. This volunteer position/s has the task of collecting donations of food, cooking and running the hospitality room for the meet. 
Hospitality Runner - 
These volunteers are the little angels that bring you the water, snacks and soda’s to the volunteers who are timing and working the computer system.
Concessions- Selling heat sheets and concessions throughout the entire meet.  Concessions are normally in the hallway by the raquetball courts.
Safety Marshall-2 volunteers to watch over the warm up lanes to ensure that safe warm up and warm down procedures are followed.
To sign up for your work share hours, please click the job sign up button under the home meets.  It wil show you the jobs available.  First come, first serve, so if you have a specific job or time you want, sign up first.
We value and honor the time and effort all of our parents put into make a successful experience for our kids. We encourage you to become involved.