Mary Waite Pool

Start out going north on Woodinville Snohomish Rd toward NE 190th St.

0.45 miles


Turn left onto NE 195th St.

0.11 miles


Turn slight left to take the WA-522 W ramp toward Seattle/Bothell.  

0.01 miles


Merge onto WA-522 W via the ramp on the left.

1.32 miles


Merge onto I-405 S toward Bellevue.

12.62 miles


Merge onto Mountains to Sound Greenway/I-90 W via EXIT 11 toward Seattle/Mercer Island.

1.64 miles


Take the E Mercer Way exit, EXIT 8.

0.28 miles


Turn left onto E Mercer Way.  

0.06 miles


Take the 1st right onto SE 36th St.

0.43 miles


SE 36th St becomes Gallagher Hill Rd.

0.27 miles


Turn right onto SE 40th St.

0.10 miles


Mary Wayte Swimming Pool, 8815 SE 40TH ST is on the left.