PPST Bylaws










 The name of this corporation is Poulsbo Piranha Swim Team Booster Club (PPST)


 The mailing address of PPST shall be:  PO Box 1284, Poulsbo, Washington 98370






The membership of PPST shall consist of the parents/guardians of youth actively participating in PPST. 


The parents and/or guardians of children actively engaged in PPST shall constitute the general membership and that membership group shall provide the financial support and shall elect officers, as set forth in the by-laws, to govern the activities of PPST.





The officers shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


The Board of Directors will be elected into position by the current membership during the spring general membership meeting.  The terms of office will be for two years, with the President and Treasurer being elected in even years and Vice President and Secretary odd years.


Board members are limited to three consecutive terms in the same position. It shall be possible for those members to run for a different position with the same three term limit in effect.


The term of office shall begin June 1st of the election year, or the 1st day of the month following elections. All officers shall remain voting members of the board for an additional three months after the termination of their office to facilitate a transition period for the newly elected board members.


Either parent/guardian of a club swimmer may serve as a board officer, but only one may serve at any given time. However, both parents may share one office on the board and cast one vote.



Duties of the President shall be as follows:


  • Shall schedule and conduct board and general club meetings;
  • Shall act as sole representative of the Club during such times when immediate action must be taken and time constraints make it impossible to call a board meeting;
  • Shall appoint standing committees as necessary and designate a chair person of such committees and serve on committees as appropriate;
  • Shall appoint persons to replace vacancies in board positions to be effective until the next election by the general membership;
  • Shall work with Treasurer and Vice President to prepare annual budget in June and get board approval;
  • Shall keep copies of letter of incorporation and all other legal documents.



Duties of the Vice-President shall be as follows:


  • In the absence of the President, shall conduct board and general club meetings;
  • Shall act as President until the next May election if necessary;
  • Shall participate in the preparation of the annual budget with Treasurer and President in June;
  • Shall perform other duties as directed by the President.



Duties of Secretary shall be as follows:


  • Shall take minutes of all Board meetings and general membership meetings;
  • Shall maintain a file of all Board meeting minutes, general membership meeting minutes, Club by-laws;
  • Shall keep copies of letter of incorporation and all other legal documents.



Duties of the Treasurer shall be as follows:


  • Shall collect all receipts and disburse funds as requested by written itemized receipts for items that are Board approved;
  • Shall provide monthly financial reports to the Board;
  • Shall prepare annual budget with President and Vice President in June;
  • Shall manage disbursements from general account. If disbursement is in excess of $300 this shall require two approved signatures (President, Vice President and/or Treasurer) for all non-recurring expenses;
  • Shall maintain financial records indicating withdrawals, receipts, expenses;          
  • Shall present all records to a financial review committee at least once per calendar year, if not twice;
  • Maintain relationship with bank where accounts are held and update signatories as officers change;
  • Shall prepare Non Profit Corporation Annual Report to Secretary of State and provide copies of report to secretary and president;
  • Shall check PO Box on a regular basis;
  • Shall pay monthly IRS payroll taxes and present copies to the secretary and president;
  • Shall prepare yearly W3/W2’s for the coaches and present copies to the President and Secretary;
  • Shall submit 990 yearly and present copies to the president and secretary;
  • Shall submit a 941 quarterly and present copies to the president and secretary.



Officers shall receive:

  • no compensation for their services and
  • such reimbursement of expenses as may be determined by resolution of the board of directors to be just and reasonable






The Board may establish such regular committees to assist it in the performance of its duties as it considers appropriate.


The Board will appoint a Meet Director and three Members-at-Large.


The members at large will be a parent/guardian, or parents/guardians, of a swimmer from each swim group.



Duties of the Members-at-Large shall include the following. These duties may also be performed by any member in the club.

  • Assist head coach in welcoming and orienting new members;
  • Attend Board meetings as available and help keep parents informed of changes/needs/news from the Board;
  • Support the Board in planning and executing team activities.


Duties of the Meet Director shall be as follows:

  • Shall discuss proposed home meets with Board;
  • Shall attend bid meeting at PNS and bid for desired home meets;
  • Shall recruit and coordinate meet concessions volunteers and/or vendor; timers, clerk-of- course and other volunteers necessary to run a home meet;
  • Shall ensure that there is a Meet Referee, Administrative Official, Starter and adequate Stroke and Turn Judges at home meets.
  • Shall act as meet secretary. These duties include, distributing the meet information, ie the meet info page on the PNS web, processing meet entries, production of heat sheets, and printing the heat sheets. The Hy-Tek swim program is what the meet director uses to accomplish all of this.
  • Shall attend the meet director meeting and bid meeting in the Spring at KCAC.






The regular general membership meetings shall be called by the President by giving at least two weeks notice to the general members of the Club.  An agenda will also be sent out one week prior to scheduled general membership meetings.  Any member may bring up any other agenda items at the meeting for discussion. However no officer may be elected, no by-law changes may be voted upon, and no special assessments may be levied unless those items are included in the written agenda sent out to the general membership.  Notice may be made via placement on the team website calendar or email.


Special meetings of the general membership can be called by at least ten members of the Club. The purpose of such special meetings shall be stated in the request submitted to the Board by the ten members .  That purpose shall also be stated in the written notice to all members of the Club.


Special meetings of the Board may be called by any Board member as needed to discuss specific or time sensitive issues.  No officers may be elected, no bylaws changes may be voted on, and no special assessments may be levied as a result of such a special board meeting.  Such meetings may be held on short notice due to the nature of their content but are still open to all members.


The Board may meet in a closed executive session to discuss sensitive financial and/or personnel issues or information. .      


If notice of time, place, and date of any such meeting is given to all members at least two weeks prior to a meeting, there is no specific number of members required to constitute a quorum.

No proxy votes will be authorized for any PPST meetings. Only parents/guardians of active swimmers shall be allowed to vote in any meeting and only one vote per family is allowed.






PPST shall follow Robert’s Rule of Order to conduct all board and general membership meetings. The simple majority of members present at a meeting with two-week notice shall be necessary to pass a motion.





These By-Laws can be amended by Board approval and by the vote of the general club membership. Two-thirds vote of the general club membership present at the meeting is required to change the By- Laws.







The dissolution of PPST will require a vote of its membership.


Upon the dissolution of PPST, after paying or adequately providing for the debts and obligations of the organization, the remaining assets shall be distributed to a nonprofit fund, foundation, or corporation which has established its tax exempt status under section 501(c), or (e), (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 







Approved______________________________       Date________________________

                Brian Ramey, Co-President


 Approved______________________________           Date________________________

                 Adrianne Ramey, Co-President