What to Bring

What To Bring


  • Team swim suit
  • Team caps (2)
  • Goggles (and a spare pair)
  • Towels (one per event )
  • Water bottle
  • Boots or shoes
  • Team t-shirt, sweats or parka


  • Water!!!!! (Gatoraid or similar if you need flavor)
  • Snacks


  • Beach chair
  • Old blanket or sleeping bag
  • Waterproof sunscreen, sunglasses



Swim Meet Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do conserve your energy. Stay off your legs (save them for the pool); wear shoes for warmth and protection; wear shirt and hat to reduce exposure; stay out of the sun.
  • Do be on time (or early) for everything including: stretching, meet warm-up, and team meetings.
  • Do cheer for you teammates Everyone performs better when they see supporters at the end of their lane.
  • Do stay hydrated!!! Drink plenty of water or other liquids (but not soda).
  • Don’t get sunburned. Apply waterproof sun block repeatedly throughout the day.
  • Do eat healthy food and snacks. Fruit, bagels and sports drinks make good between-race snacks. In general, avoid items with a lot of fat, fiber and refined sugar.
  • Do bring activities like games and puzzles. The meet may last several hours.
  • Don’t leave swimmers unattended at swim meets. Parents are responsible for their children at all times.

Do have fun!!