Team tryouts are held Tuesday/Thursday at 5PM.

RFST is a swim program, which is parent organized, coach run, and community oriented. Through the contribution of supportive parents/guardians, hired, trained coaches and a supportive community,

RFST’s aim is to provide the opportunity for young people to experience personal and social success within a safe aquatic environment.


Swimmers trying out must have a basic knowledge of all four competitive swim strokes (Freestyle/Crawl, Back, Breast, and Butterfly). Swimmers must be able to do a sitting, kneeling, and standing dive from the side of the pool.

Swimmers do not need to have a background in competitive swimming. Swimmers that try out will typically have completed a swim lessons program. Some swimmers that haven’t completed swim lessons could join the team depending on their skill level with approval from the coaches.


After the tryout, the coaches will determine whether or not the swimmer is ready for the team, or needs to go through more swim lessons. If the swimmer passes the coaches 

will determine which program (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) is best for that swimmer.


If you are interested in joining Rainier Foothills Swim Team please email Coach Bryce at to set up a tryout.